PREVIEW: Frances Luke Accord and The Western Den

On Wednesday, February 6, 2019, The Ark in Ann Arbor will be hosting Frances Luke Accord and The Western Den, two duo groups whose legacies have been established and are continuing to flourish in the indie folk genre. These duos will be performing music from their newest and older releases, all the while combining unique, progressive sounds in a timeless and precedent art form.

Hailing from South Bend, IN, Frances Luke Accord members Nicholas Gunty and Brian Powers have known each other since attending the University of Notre Dame and have collaborated on nonprofit projects, full-length albums, and exploratory compositions. Hailing from Virginia and the island of Bermuda, Deni Hlavinka and Chris West met over experimental music compositions and have collaborated on several EPs in addition to establishing an inseparable relationship between themselves.

As these duos take the stage this week, I am ecstatic to experience the music and the emotion that they have to offer. As a note, this event is available to all students for no cost through the Passport to the Arts offered by the Arts at Michigan program from the University of Michigan.

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