PREVIEW: Lords of Chaos

The world of music is an incredibly varied place, with hundreds of distinct genres used to express the whole spectrum of human emotion from grandest elation to deepest sorrow. Instruments range from the angelic harp to the piercing bagpipe, and the infinite patterns a song can have allow for new musical ideas that stretch into eternity.

Performance and image can be a big part of music, bringing a physical manifestation to the sound and ideas it expresses. Some dress as gentle flower children, others otherworldy beings. Others strive to bring the underworld up through the earth to their fans’ waiting arms, burning churches and incorporating real animal parts in their stage costumes.

Now playing at the State Theater is Lords of Chaos, a documentary on the rise and fall of 90s Norwegian death metal band Mayhem. Whether or not you’re a fan of the genre, anyone will be captured by their disturbing story.

Showtimes include:

2/22: 9:10 PM

2/23: 11:35 PM

2/24: 7:30 PM

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