PREVIEW: She Kills Monsters

This show is in the Newman Studio at the Walgreen Drama Center on North Campus.  Just go to the North Campus Building next to Pierpont Commons and it will be super easy to find the show, there will be signs. You can see it this Friday (3/15)at 7 pm or 11 pm or on Saturday at 7 pm (3/16), so three opportunities to see the show and all shows are completely FREE!

The description of the show (taken from BA FB page):  Agnes, a high school teacher, has found a D&D module (campaign guide) written by her teenage sister, Tilly, who has recently died in a car crash. She finds Chuck, a high schooler working at an RPG game store, and asks him to help her understand the module and play out the campaign. Initially taken aback by the complexity and “nerdiness” of the game, she uses it as a way of understanding her sister. As the play progresses, each character within the game is revealed to have a real-world counterpart, all of whom Agnes gets to meet. The play takes place both in the real world and within the D&D campaign.


Last time I saw a BA show, Crowns a Gospel Musical, I was blown out of my seat. These producitons are completely run and acted by students here at Michigan but are on a professional level. If you’ve never been to a BA show it something you need to do before you graduate.

I attached some  promo videos of the show:

She Kills Monsters written by Qui Nguyen, directed by David Forsee opens Friday! Unleash your inner nerd and join us…

Posted by Basement Arts on Thursday, March 14, 2019

She Kills Monsters- Behind the Scenes

Most people may be on Spring Break, but we're hard at work building the creatures for SHE KILLS MONSTERS! Check out this behind the scenes footage, and come see the show March 15-16. Admission, as always, is free.

Posted by Basement Arts on Wednesday, March 6, 2019


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