Preview: David Wilcox & Beth Nielsen Chapman

This show is at The Ark (316 S. Main Street), which is one of the best music venues in Ann Arbor. It is a small, intimate location that still attracts big names. Also, the Ark is non-profit, which is always respectable. This show is March 28th (Next Thursday) at 8pm.   Tickets are $20.

I’m super excited for this show because it combines pop and country music. These artists don’t have a history of performing with each other, which will make an interesting dynamic on stage.

Beth Nielsen Chapman is an accomplished musician in the Songwriters hall of fame with seven number hits. David Wilcox has been producing albums and writing music for movies since the 1980’s. Whereas Beth Nielsen Chapman is a country and pop artist, David Wilcox focuses on folk music.

Here is a song by each artist to check out:

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