A new play is being put on by the school of music, theater, and dance called FLINT. The play was written by Professor Jose Casas and was the result of a collaboration with Umich students and volunteers from Flint. The play is meant to resemble a documentary and tell the complex story of Flint residents’ experiences with the water crisis. Casas wrote the play based on over 80 interviews with Flint residents, some of which he searched out and others he stumbled upon by happenstance. The project began over a year ago and has involved students interested in what is referred to as social justice theater.
A classmate of mine is one of the actors and shared with me the anxiety he and his colleagues felt about their debut. He shared a worry that comes hand in hand with social justice theater, are we serving the community or exploiting it? For my classmate, this fear culminates on April 16th when the troupe will be performing in the play’s namesake.
I must admit, hearing about this anxiety gave me hope. A group fueled by such good intentions and so concerned with the impact of their work will surely do the story of Flint justice. If you want to see FLINT make your way over the Arthur Miller theater between now and April 14th to see what’s in store.

Image courtesy of university productions.

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