PREVIEW: Abstraction, Color, and Politics in the 1970s

The title for this exhibit is kind of like a word cloud for the words most associated with the 1970s. I think of the era of sex, drugs, and rock n roll, a time full of psychedelics and political protests. I’m curious to see how this exhibit takes those mental images and translates them into a collection of art. However, I think this exhibit may not quite be my favorite art exhibit. I have an appreciation for certain forms of contemporary art, but struggle with many of the early explorations in this art form from the 1960s and 1970s. The flagship piece of this exhibit seems to be a painted tarp artfully draped on the wall. A piece like this seems like it would create for a nice, calming space and good home decor, but I’m not so sure if I think it can represent political thought. I’ll be heading over to the UMMA to decide why I draw the lines in the age-old discussion of “what is art?”. Make sure to catch this exhibit this summer as it will be leaving at the end of September 2019!

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