PREVIEW: The Public

I will be reviewing the Public because it struck me as an interesting premise for a film. The movie tells the story of a group of homeless folks occupying a library during a bitter cold front. I can’t think of another movie that I’ve seen which focuses on the homeless population, let alone painting them as protagonists. In the US we have a large homeless population despite the fact that we also have enough homes to house them. Our society has put an emphasis on charity work for the homeless with soup kitchens and shelters, but hasn’t stressed the importance of knowing homeless folk as individuals and valuing them as part of our society. This movie seems like it is trying to move the issue surrounding homelessness into the light and question the way we perceive the community. I am hopeful that it does this goal justice. The Public just opened and will be playing at the Michigan Theater through April 17th so this week is your chance to go see it!

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