PREVIEW: Martha Graham Performance

The Martha Graham Dance Company has come to Ann Arbor for two nights! The dance company is giving two different performances this Friday and Saturday night at the Power Center. I am going to the Friday night performance where Martha Graham will be performing four different dances with different choreographers. The first is Secular Games by Martha Graham herself, the second is Deo by Maxine Doyle & Bobbi Jene Smith which was co-commissioned by UMS, the third is Lamentation Variations by Aszure Barton, Nicolas Paul, and Larry Keigwin, and the last dance is I Used to Love You by Annie B. Parson. The Martha Graham Dance Company is the original, American modern dance company. There will also be a Q&A session after the performances with the dance company. I am really excited to see modern dance live. Ballet Preljocaj was fantastic but it interpreted ballet in a far more modern fashion than expected. I’m curious to see what similarities and differences there are between the dance stylings of the two.

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