The cult classic, The Room will be showing Thursday, December 5th at 10pm this week. It’s the same protocol as Rocky: don’t read a synopsis, don’t look up the show rituals, just come and be prepared to get pelted with spoons.


For the spoiler-prone folks, The Room is one of those, so-good-it’s-bad type deals where the ego of man is given a shoestring budget and a movie set. The film is rich with discontinuities, uncomfortable intimate scenes, and acting so bad it almost feels like an ironic, auteur-driven choice like that of The Lobster and other cerebral movies of the past decade. The Room is the ultimate oppositional viewing experience, so grab a student ticket for $8.50 and join the celebration of a masterpiece.

Angela Gosselin

Angela is a junior studying History of Art, Media and Communications, and Museum Studies in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. She's a big fan of putting art on walls and looking at it.

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