EMMA. is playing for two more days at the Michigan Theater: Tuesday, March 9th and Wednesday, March 10th! Yes, it’s the umpteenth adaptation, but haven’t all the others been entertaining? I don’t see the streak should break. Jane Austen is STILL RELEVANT. (In the style of the movie title–they really made it all-caps and with a period.)

The story follows Emma, a rich, clever young woman who is learning to be a little less vain and a little more considerate. Emma gets herself involved in several love triangles, willfully misunderstands, and manipulates like there’s no tomorrow…relatably and lovably.

This newest adaptation has some big names attached to it, too: Anya Taylor-Joy from Split plays Emma and Tanya Reynolds and Connor Swindells from the Netflix Series Sex Education play Mrs. Elton and Mr. Martin. I love Sex Education, so I have high hopes for them. I haven’t seen Taylor-Joy in anything yet, but I have heard good reviews about her.

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