PREVIEW: Normal People

Based on Sally Rooney’s award-winning novel, “Normal People” is set to premiere as a limited television series April 29th on Hulu. “Normal People” follows Connell and Marianne’s intrinsic attraction towards each other through their high school and college careers. Rooney’s novel is fueled by passion, trauma, and the most unusual power struggle between the will-they-won’t-they couple. Daisy Edgar Jones plays the Marianne to Paul Mescal’s Connell. The entire series, comprised of twelve episodes, will be available to watch on Hulu Wednesday, April 29th.

Kellie M. Beck

Kellie M. Beck is a junior at the University of Michigan studying directing for theater. She is also fulfilling a minor in creative writing. Kellie looks forward to a future of directing new plays and musicals and continuing to write for the stage.

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