PREVIEW: Rocky Horror Picture Show

When I saw that the Rocky Horror Picture show was on for this year, I almost screamed with excitement. I am a Rocky Horror virgin, and I have been dying to see this show for years now! Rocky Horror is a 1975 cult classic, starring two sweethearts that get stuck with a flat tire in a storm, and have to take shelter at a spooky mansion. In the mansion they encounter a house that is filled with wild and wacky characters. They dance, sing, and generally get weird for about 95 minutes.

Rocky Horror is playing at the Michigan Theater on Friday October 29th at 10 pm. This performance will also feature a live music group that will be singing along with the songs in the movie! Additionally, this is a show where the crowd gets very involved- they sing along, throw things at the cast, and are generally quite rowdy. I have been looking forward to this for weeks, and can’t wait to tell you all how it goes!

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