PREVIEW: Eternals

Well, Eternals is now being dubbed the MCU’s worst rated movie with it’s rotten tomatoes score rating having dropped below 60%. However, I still have hope for the film! In my experience, the audiences opinion usually reflects a different view of the film than the professionals who critique it. And I’m usually one to side with the audience. I’ve absolutely adored films that were hated by the critics. And how can I not be excited for such an amazing diversely casted film? On top of that, one of the  Eternals characters named Makkari is debuting as the MCU’s first deaf superhero!!

If you’re the least bit interested in exploring the lives of ancient beings with incredible powers living on earth in secret, get movie tickets to see Eternals. At the very least, support the films diversity!

I can’t wait to see what MCU Easter eggs lie in store!


Ruth is studying architecture at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. She enjoys reading, drawing, and singing when no one's around to hear her.

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