PREVIEW: Blue Bop Jazz Orchestra Winter Jazz Concert

Are you looking forward to the holidays? Are piles of homework and final exams damping your holiday spirit? Wish your shoebox apartment had a roaring fireplace so you could pretend you live in a cozy cabin in the middle of the forest? (that last one is just me I think)

You probably won’t find a fireplace but you WILL find the ambiance and coziness of one at the Blue Bop Jazz Orchestra’s Winter Concert tomorrow.

The Blue Bop Jazz Orchestra is a swing band run by students at UM! They recently joined a host of other orgs that are part of the University Activities Center (UAC) including the Amazin’ Blue a capella group, MUSKET musical theater org, and Photonix glowsticking group.

Jazz is a music genre that originated from the African American communities of none other than New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLa!). Jazz music is unique in that it uses complex harmonies and blue notes, syncopated rhythms, and heavily emphasizes improv! Today there are many different styles of jazz, from bebop to blues to big band swing. Blue Bop seems to focus on swing – a very danceable style of jazz from the 30s that was named for its emphasis on the off-beats.

Check out a little sample of their playing here:

Come unwind at the end of the day with their jazz and holiday tunes tomorrow December 7th at 8:30 PM in the Michigan League Hussey Room!


Himaja (she/her) is a Computer Engineering and Writing student with a particular love for music and dance. She's made of 70% mac 'n cheese and 30% coffee and spends her free time going down Wikipedia rabbit holes and writing postcard fiction.

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