REVIEW: Who Am I? Art Exhibit & Interactive Activity

In between struggling to get words on a Google Doc for that final paper and ordering another cup of cold brew, I found the time to slip away to the Who Am I? Art Exhibit located right outside the Michigan Room in the Union.

Presented by the Center for Campus Involvement, the exhibit showcases the work of fellow UM student artists. With the Union having been recently renovated, there are efforts to fill the walls with art. And what better than art from fellow, talented Wolverines. Students were asked to respond to the prompt, Who Am I? with an art piece. The displayed art takes many creative and unique directions, such as focusing on one’s initials or fashion styles.

This past Wednesday, Dec 8, there was an opportunity for students to take a moment answer the question themselves. This interactive component consisted of a chalkboard of different students’ answers. Ranging from answers of “first-generation student” to “a leo,” the board is a bright collage of varying handwriting styles and doodles. It’s reflective of our school community and I love its location in the Union, a central part of campus. I look forward to seeing more opportunities to submit artwork and watch the walls fill up with beautiful art.

The question ignited a bit of self-reflection, who am I? Right now, I’m simply studying (more like procrastinating) recorded lectures and notes for this upcoming week of finals. I hope to give the question more attention after one of many 11:59 PM deadlines. But if you are anything like me, you too can slip away from Canvas and take a look at the artwork during building hours up until Dec 17.

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  1. It’s really nice to see the Union full of art. The photo makes me really happy–I don’t know any of the people who responded on the board, but I see so many of my own identities reflected on there and it makes me feel connected to all these strangers, in a way!

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