Review: Dance Mix 22′


Dance mix is hard to describe in a few words. If I had to choose it would be energetic. The show was phenomenal. All the participants performed extremely well and it was incredible. I could see their hard work in their moves and it was just amazing.

The dance mix was a show that featured performances by 11 different dance orgs on campus. It also had a percussion group performing. The performances ranged from hip-hop to modern ballet, to a yo-yo performance. I could see what university students had been up to and see the diversity present even in dance organizations. 

I loved the show and it was clear to see the audience loved it too. The auditorium was the fullest I’ve ever seen. It was a busy, busy night! 

There was a lot of audience engagement and the crowd was definitely loud (in a good way). The performers had a lot of engagement and none of their unique moves went unnoticed. It was obvious that the audience was really thrilled. 

The dance mix theme was the roaring 20s which wasn’t followed by a lot of the organizations but it did not take away from the show at all. While reading the program for the event I saw the description of each group and I was pleasantly surprised by how special all the organizations were. Their purpose for performing ranged from advocating their culture to just dancing around and having fun with friends. 

To give a brief overview of the performances- there were tap-dancing performances by RhythM (a group that started in fall 2000!). There were performances by the ballroom dance team, a storytelling performance tied with memes and dance by Funktion, a huge dance ensemble by K-Gayo-3 (a collab of 3 k-pop dance groups), a unique twist on ballet and contemporary dance by Salto to name just a few. 

If you think this description sounds fun and diverse then the actual event was only more so. All and all dance mix was an amazing experience. The performers, the audience-it was all a big vibe. 


I want you to see all the fun things I see in events so here are my first-hand accounts of them. I am not an expert on things I see so I give just an average Joe or Josephine's view on the world of arts. Let me know if I say something that tickled your funny bone ^.^

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