REVIEW: Elephante

Elephante returned to his hometown of Ann Arbor on Thursday evening, and what a homecoming he had. The club was packed upon arrival, with a line going out the door even though we arrived late. We walked in, listening to the beat of the electro music grow more intense as we ascended to the main dance area. The club was teeming with people, even though it was only the opener. Girls with LED light-up shoes, guys wearing glo-paint, people dancing to an infectious beat. This was only the warm up, and my friends and I stood on the upper level to soak in the mildly overwhelming sight before entering the fray.

When Elephante came on, we immediately rushed into the center. Tim Wu (Elephante) told us it was great to be back in his hometown performing for people who were willing to come out on this Thursday to see him. For a DJ, he seemed pretty down to earth to me, like even he couldn’t believe how far he’d come since growing up in Ann Arbor. He began the set and the crowd went berserk. Lights began flashing, and suddenly half the crowd had massive foam glowsticks. I’m being honest when I say I have no idea where they originated from; suddenly everyone just had them. Including me! Somehow I found an abandoned glowstick on the ground and was able to wave it about over my head with the rest of them, flashing green then blue then purple.

Elephante’s set was incredible. Most people seemed to be way more dedicated to his music than I am, and knew almost all the words. I wasn’t that aware of all the songs, but did know enough to participate. He took many popular songs and remixed them, which made it easy for crowd involvement. Elephante himself danced around the booth, sometimes playing a song and spending a majority of it dancing. At the end, he signed off and wished us a good night. Everyone immediately started chanting the concert classic: “ONE MORE SONG!” To my surprise, Elephante appeared after about 2 minutes of this chant and told us he would play us a new song, to be released sometime in November. He said it was one he was incredibly proud of, and most of it was produced rather than remixed. The song had a different vibe than the rest of the music he had just performed for us, but it was a good different. It was really good, actually. He played the song and came down to dance with the crowd; people closed in around him and I was swept up in the general movement toward Elephante. I saw him crowd surfing, being tossed around in the air like he was on a trampoline. Afterwards, he returned to the mic and kindly asked that his shoe be returned.


PREVIEW: Elephante

Elephante (Tim Wu)

Born in the great city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, EDM DJ/producer Elephante returns to his hometown for a BigRoom and Progressive concert. The concert is at Necto and part of his “Animals Wanted Tour”. More than likely the infectious dance music is going to attract many people and ensure a killer concert; it’s sure to be a zoo on Thursday.

Tim Wu, otherwise known as Elephante, is a Los Angeles-based DJ/producer. His productions range from big-room progressive house anthems to remixes of popular artists including Lorde and Clean Bandit. Wu first learned classical piano before teaching himself guitar, and initially attempted to break into the music industry as an acoustic singer/songwriter before transitioning to electric dance music.

Elephante was a personal favorite for warm-up CDs back in the glory days of high school sports. His songs were full of fun pop vocal tracks, with beats that you couldn’t help but dance to when you heard them. With concert tickets going at a cheap rate, at an incredibly fun and walkable venue, it’s no wonder this concert is selling out quickly.

REVIEW: Audien at Club Necto

Audien provided attendees with a wild experience during his show on Wednesday at Club Necto. In terms of concert venues, Necto never fails to provide a fun, electrifying environment. The entire lower level fills with people who are usually of one mind about their intent: to dance until their feet are aching. Though some might find this overwhelming, as it can be, it has proven to be intensely fun each time I’ve attended a concert here.

Audien’s set was a variety trance, progressive trance, and occasionally remixes of popular songs. For those who aren’t fans of electronic music, it might have sounded like the same song was playing on repeat the entire night. Nonetheless, the music continued to thrill the audience until past midnight. Each song blended into the next, leaving none of that occasionally awkward silence in concerts, when the magic seems to die down momentarily. Audien masterly navigated the booth, keeping all entertained.

The lights and decorations made for an entrancing sight. The color scheme was largely bright purple and green, creating a practically ethereal feel to the venue.

Upon arrival to the concert, my friends and I stood on the outskirts, unsure if we should join the melee of the lower level. We listened, discussing whether or not we considered ourselves fans of the electric music genre. After ten or so minutes, a song came on that seemed to beckon to us. The music was enchanting, we needed to dance. And dance we did, and we didn’t stop until we decided our feet were too bruised to continue. We lost track of time in the crazy pit of dancers, having no concept of what or where or when, thinking only of the current and next song. I think that’s what a concert should do: allow yourself to be lost in the music.


PREVIEW: Audien at Club Necto


Nathaniel Rathbun, better known as his stage name, “Audien,” is an American DJ,musician, and record producer. He produces electro house, trance, and progressive trance music. Hailing from Mystic, Connecticut, with a jazz aficionado for a mother, he grew up in a musical household. Audien was first introduced to trance and progressive trance music through video game soundtracks, and in 2009 he began producing music. At 25 years old, this young DJ has already performed at festivals including Tomorrowland, TomorrowWorld, EDC Las Vegas, EDC Brazil, and Lollapalooza. In 2015, his track “Something Better” featuring Lady Antebellum hit the Billboard’s Top 40 for pop songs. Rising in popularity, Audien is currently on his “Euphoria” tour, featuring openers Miller Guth and Active and Domeless. The show is at Club Necto, at 516 Liberty Street, downtown Ann Arbor on October 4th, 2017. The event in 18+, inviting students of all ages to come enjoy the show. The first set begins at 9pm.

Published by Rachel Pasche, an English major with a sub-concentration in Creative Writing.

REVIEW: The Haunted Belfry


In the spirit of Halloween, students in the school of Music, Theatre, and the Dance hosted a performance in the uppermost room of the Lurie Tower on North Campus. As I was initially walking toward the tower, I heard the Game of Thrones theme echoing across North Campus. How I wish I could hear that every single day on my commute to classes! The sound was magnificent, the carillon is the ideal instrument to perform songs that demand a certain energy level. Game of Thrones on a piano is cool, but Game of Thrones on a carillon is as it should be: epic. I first was given a tour and history of the tower and carillon itself.

The Ann and Robert Lurie Tower was built as a dedication to alumni Robert Lurie, courtesy of a generous donation from his wife after his passing. The carillon housed within the tower is a grand carillon, meaning it has over 60 different bells. Another grand carillon is incidentally located on Central Campus, in the Burton Tower. This grand carillon allows for a wide variety of songs to be played, which may explain why I am sometimes fortunate enough to hear a Harry Potter theme being played on the Burton Tower.

Students that had been trained in the grand carillon lined up and played a selection of eerie songs, and I was incredibly impressed at how well they seemed to nail each song. The songs were executed perfectly, despite the only method of performing being hitting different wooden rods with their fists. Seriously, that is how one plays a carillon. I wished for a program, because there were a few songs I didn’t know off the top of my head and would have liked to have a name for.

The tower was decorated for the Haunted House that was to take place there later that evening, which added to the effect already given by the Halloween-esque music. Being a huge fan of fantasy, I was thrilled to hear some of my fantasy favorites being played including Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and a song from a Tim Burton film. I was incredibly glad I went and I highly recommend it for others should the students put on another performance on the carillon. It’s an underrated instrument — especially being that two grand carillons exist on this campus — and for anyone who enjoys movie scores as I do it is a great opportunity to hear them in a truly eerie and epic setting.


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PREVIEW: The Haunted Belfry at the Lurie Tower


Students in the School of Music, Theatre and Dance are putting on a haunted performance on the top floor of the Lurie Tower on North Campus. The tower will be decorated for Halloween and the students will be dressed in costume, playing eerie music on the 53-bell, 43-ton Charles Baird carillon. A carillon is the instrument typically at the top of towers, consisting of at least 23 cup-shaped bells. At this Halloween-themed event, the students have practiced spooky music to be played.