REVIEW: Brandon Flowers, “Flamingo”

Brandon Flowers, lead singer of The Killers, has officially begun his solo career with the release of Flamingo. It’s clear from the very first song that he hasn’t strayed too far from The Killers’ sound – “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” opens with a sound that could be pulled from any one of their four … Continue reading REVIEW: Brandon Flowers, “Flamingo”

Review: Su…su..rrus… gone with the wind!

When something new is tried for the first time, there are many expectations. And since in today’s world, it takes a lot to even make us look- let alone sit in one place for more than a hour,  playwrights  have to resort to a lot of tricks. But sometimes, as a playwright, you just have … Continue reading Review: Su…su..rrus… gone with the wind!

Preview: Susurrus….

What better way to kickstart another lovely school year  than by “participating” a truly novel concept for theatre – David Leddy’s Susurrus.  This play is literally a walk around the park!  Using the lovely landscape of  the Matthaei Botanical Gardens as well as the latest technology, David Leddy’s play  involves the audience in the fullest … Continue reading Preview: Susurrus….

Welcome to [art]seen!

Our [art]seen bloggers are University of Michigan students who review arts events on and around campus, sharing their thoughts and experiences on live music, film screenings, dance performances, theatre productions and art exhibitions. If you’re a U-M student interested in becoming a regular blogger, there may be a position available to get paid for your blogs! … Continue reading Welcome to [art]seen!