REVIEW: Programmed Spontaneity

After trekking from class to class on Thursday in rainy, cold weather, the warm sanctuary of Rackham Auditorium was a welcome blessing.  I was attending the George Lewis Interactive Trio, having blindly signed up on an e-mail from a peer advisor.  It was quite the spectacle.  I’ve seen my share of abstract performances; however, I’d … Continue reading REVIEW: Programmed Spontaneity

Review: Yuja Wang-Diva and Pianist?

The arts season has started here at the University of Michigan and I am so excited!!! There are so many great performances and events this semester that I’ve basically booked myself for at least one show a weekend. That being said, I’ve already gone to three amazing shows this semester; Mark Morris Dance Group, John … Continue reading Review: Yuja Wang-Diva and Pianist?

REVIEW: Soles of Detroit

For years, my interest in Detroit’s ruins and restructuring has drawn me into an unparalleled world. In an attempt to preserve the much forgotten history and culture of the equally elapsed metropolis, I explore the city with fresh eyes and an open mind. Especially drawn to the city’s underground art scene, trips downtown provide an … Continue reading REVIEW: Soles of Detroit