PREVIEW: Straight to the Pointe

Ballet is often viewed as separate from other forms of dance. Most performances that aren’t strictly ballet don’t involve any ballet. But in reality, ballet, often called the foundation of all dance, isn’t as different from other styles of dance as it is often perceived.

Salto Dance Company, a student-run dance company, is the only dance group at Michigan that performs ballet. But even for a pointe group, they’re unique because they don’t solely do ballet. Straight to the Pointe, Salto’s winter showcase, will feature a blend of classical ballet with contemporary and lyrical styles.

If you like dance, music, or punny titles, you should come see Straight to the Pointe presented by Salto Dance Company. The show is this Friday, December 1, at 7 PM at the Mendelssohn Theatre in the Michigan League. Tickets are $8 for students, $10 for adults, or free with Passport to the Arts.

PREVIEW: Paul Taylor Dance Company

Paul Taylor is a name that is revered in American contemporary dance. He has done over 130 dances and is known for his lively, creative and powerful choreography.  This week, the Paul Taylor Dance Company is in Ann Arbor.  This will be a visual treat as the dancers are known for their athletic and powerful performances on a variety of subjects.  There are 3 shows and each one of the shows offer something very unique.

Paul Taylor Dance Company
Paul Taylor Dance Company

The program for friday has Taylor’s version of the well-acclaimed “Orbs”  and another recent dance called “Also playing”.  This latter dance is set to Donizetti ballet music and has an element of humor to it.

The legendary Paul Taylor
The legendary Paul Taylor

For saturday, we have the sizzling “Piazzolla Caldera” and a couple of other lovely pieces from Taylor’s vast repertoire.

Click this link for a glimpse of Taylor’s awesome work- Scudorama

Show times:

Thursday, October 7 | 8 pm
Friday, October 8 | 8 pm
Saturday, October 9 | 8 pm

@ Power Center

Tickets @ $ 10 at Michigan League  or the Box Office before the show

See you there!

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