REVIEW: CollegeHumor Live

Oh sheesh, y’all! ‘Twas a great show at the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase! First of all, the popcorn there is delicious (even Amir thought so). Secondly, Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld started the show off with reading embarrassing texts and dueling in an epic “rap battle, not a rap war” containing more bashing of Ohio than actual rapping, but I’m not here to complain. Thirdly, Streeter Seidell performed some stand-up comedy in spite of losing his voice, and described Candy Crush addiction in such a perfect way that I felt I connected with him on a spiritual level.

This whole experience was interesting for me because I had been a fan of CollegeHumor for many years, but lately I’ve been skipping over their videos in my YouTube subscription feed. I haven’t had much interest in watching the classic Jake and Amir bit, but seeing them perform live in that same style was very entertaining and exciting. The internet as a platform for creators and viewers produces a unique dynamic in which the people appearing in videos are not quite famous, but they are definitely recognizable in a way that most people are not. Watching Jake and Amir perform was almost like watching a celebrity perform live, and it brought new life to their sketch, especially when they made each other laugh. I’m a sucker for breaking character.

Streeter Seidell’s stand-up set was a nice change from the Jake and Amir duo, and seemed perfect for the atmosphere of the Comedy Showcase. (Side note: I had never been to a comedy club before. I’d seen them on TV and in movies, but had not once ventured downstairs into a dark room filled with tiny tables and a stage barely big enough for three people to move around comfortably.) This was real stand-up with Streeter’s glass of water and towel perched on a nearby stool and his arm resting on the microphone stand. He was comfortable on the stage and the audience was comfortable with him: gladly laughing with him as he observed and poked fun at some of the people sitting in the front row (I was in the second row, thank goodness). I’m not sure how long his set lasted, but it ranged from the too-happy employees of Zingerman’s to taking his dog out during hurricane Sandy, and I was laughing the whole time.

Looking back at the show (at the time I’m writing this it was only about an hour ago, but I’m looking back nonetheless), I’ve come to the conclusion that comedy is generally better with people to share it. Maybe part of the reason I stopped watching every CollegeHumor video was because it involved just me at my computer and not an audience of other people ready to laugh. The whole experience of going to a show and watching as performers got up on a stage with the sole purpose of making people laugh was new to me but I really enjoyed it, and I hope I get another chance to appreciate it.

PREVIEW: CollegeHumor Live

This Monday, November 18 at 8:00pm, Jake Hurwitz, Amir Blumenfeld, Streeter Seidell, and some more from the CollegeHumor gang are coming to Ann Arbor! They’ll be performing live at the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase, and there are still tickets available at the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase website. Tickets are only $15 for a night that’s sure to be filled with hilarity and entertainment. Whether you’re a fan of (like me) or if you’ve never heard of it before (you should check it out), you should definitely come out to see this one-night-only live comedy event!



If you haven’t already heard of UM SOUP, I’m sorry to tell you that you are one step behind. The good news, however, is that now you know! And now that you are IN the know, you can attend of the most inspiring, student organized events in town.

Inspired by DETROIT SOUP, Junior PiTE student Izzy Morrison decided to arrange Ann Arbor’s very own UM SOUP. The way it works is this: all semester long, locals and students have been submitting proposals for community oriented projects that need funding. Those who attend the dinner enjoy a great evening and vote on the project proposal with the greatest potential.

Here is a blurb about the event that Izzy wrote for

“For $5, A2 residents and UM students can have a fun evening learning about local projects, eating a local meal, jamming to live music, and voting on their favorite community project! The event will take place March 23rd at 7pm at LIVE Ann Arbor. At the end of the night, the winner will receive collected funds. These grants support start-up community projects that might have no other means to get off the ground. All SOUP applicants have the opportunity to make connections and talk to potential supporters over dinner. There are no rules for proposals, except that they benefit the greater community.”

For a list of project proposals, click here. Some propose to address educational, health, and environmental prospects, while others focus on transportation, discrimination, or crisis aversion. Live With food donated from Zingerman’s, Crazy Wisdom, The People’s Food Co-op, and Izzy’s mom,  the dinner will surely be delectable. Live entertainment will include Music School student Gabirel Wilk’s Latin inspired band, Gabriel and the Keystones, and spoken word artist Carlina Duan. This is not a community event to be missed!

February 23rd, LIVE  Ann Arbor on 102 First St., 7pm, $5 tickets at the door. All are welcome.

Check out the Facebook event for more info. See you there!

REVIEW: El Ten Eleven

El Ten Eleven is an amazing band. If you have never heard them please do so immediately!
Kristian Dunn is probably the most incredible guitarist I’ve ever seen perform live. His skill with rhythm and melody are unparalleled from anything I’ve experienced before. He loops live, playing with tempo, melody, harmony, key signature you name it. Knowing what little I do about loop pedals I can imagine this is a very difficult process that requires a great deal of attentiveness and command over this particular approach. Dunn is also a rather likable fellow. He interacts well with a crowed and seemed pleasantly surprised at the enthusiastic reception they received at The Blind Pig.
Tim Fogarty, the drummer, has mastered his instrument to an expert level. I appreciated the way he and Dunn interacted musically, combining their rhythmic patterns and respective melodies. They are a seamless team of highly skilled, innovative artists.

The entr’acte for the evening was Beacon (Thomas Mullarney III (vocals) and Jacob Gossett), hailing from Brooklyn NY. (, They mix samples with haunting, high falsetto vocals from Mullarney (reminiscent of Michael Jackson, with a lack of pop, not to mention his curtain of black hair!). This duo was a great set up for El Ten Eleven. Different enough to keep things interesting but not so different that the collaboration felt disjointed.

The size of the venue was very conducive to this kind of show. Some people wanted to hang out on the fringes and bobble head, others, myself included, were in the thick of things, full body jamming to the beats of these two excellent bands.

Please take a moment to check out their music and broaden your horizons. Also, be sure to take advantage of all the amazing music that comes through this lovely college town of ours! It really is a treat!

PREVIEW: Word of Mouth StorySLAM: Something From Nothing

Ever gotten something from nothing? Come tell us about it! Join Word of Mouth Stories for its next slam!

Thursday, January 19 – Helmut F. Stern Auditorium in The UMMA- 7 PM

This month’s theme event is held in collaboration with The UMMA and WCBN radio. The theme is “Something from Nothing,” inspired by the Mark di Suvero exhibition “Tabletops.” Currently on display at the UMMA, the exhibit is composed of “dynamic and monumental works made of industrial steel and salvaged materials that populate museum grounds, landscapes, and urban environments around the world.” Check it out!

Never been to our slams before? Audience members tell five-minute stories from their lives relative to a theme. Events are always free, no experience necessary. In the mean time, check out our Facebook event and our very own blog.
Whether you come with stories or just to listen in, we hope to see you there! As they say on NPR, have a story worthy week.