PREVIEW: Please Don’t Feed The Animals

Please Don’t Feed the Animals

This Saturday, April 20th there will be multiple gallery- both openings on campus and off- that exhibit the year long Integrative Projects of the senior students in the Penny Stamps School of Art & Design. This particular show, “Please Don’t Feed the Animals,” features the work of Erica Neumann, Anna Schulte, and Claire Jones. Each artist practices a different medium: typography, photography, and sculpture respectively. Two of these three artists are in my Book Arts class so I have already previewed their work. It is stunning- so professional, clean, intriguing, and unprecedented. Erica Neumann has fashioned animal figures out of various fonts and tells the narrative of evolution, both of typography and animal species. Anna Schulte’s photographs are a meditation of happiness. Claire Jones has created her own version of “taxidermy.”

This creative and labor intensive process will finally be on display at the Ann Arbor Art Center from April 20th to May 4th (117 W. Liberty St). An opening reception to celebrate the artwork will take place beginning at 5 pm on Saturday. Don’t miss the special  opportunity to see the talented designs of these up and coming artists. See you there!

REVIEW: Covered: Gifts of Art


This semester, I am taking  Barbara Brown’s Book Arts class through the School of A&D. Over the course of four months, my class and I have bound several styles of books in various media: wood, leather, paper, metal, thread, digital design, collage, photography, illustration, text, printmaking, and more. Some books tell literal stories while others show illustration. Some books have blank pages while others have full spreads of design. These artist books are so much more than simply spaces for narration or illustration, however. They are gorgeous, laborious, contemporary artifacts that pay homage to  that ancient and dying art of bookbinding.

With a range of skill sets in the course- from artists, to engineers, to architects, to writers- these books have grown into a beautiful collection of work. From now until June 10th, a selection of these artist books will be on display at the Taubman Health Center’s Gifts of Art show. In the lobby of the main entrance to the hospital is a gallery that features a rotating collection of local artwork. Be sure to stop in and look around at the student work. The variety and talent on display is worth the visit! To learn more about artist books, check out Barbara Brown’s website. The gallery is open from 8 am to 8 pm. See you there!