Heartbeat Vocal Outreach


Heartbeat is the only philanthropic a cappella group at the University of Michigan.We are passionate about giving back to the community. We love cultivating community relationships by partnering with groups on campus, singing at philanthropic events, volunteering, and performing at nursing homes. We perform by request at private and public events in exchange for donations. To extend our philanthropy directly to the Ann Arbor community, we also perform weekly at the University of Michigan hospital. Each year we choose a charity for which to raise money. All of the proceeds from our various gigs and concerts are donated to this organization. Past organizations that we have supported include the American Cancer Society, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Charity Music, and SowHope. Stay tuned for information regarding our chosen charity for this school year! Feel free to e-mail us at heartbeatacappella@umich.edu or follow us on facebook (@heartbeat.um) and instagram(@heartbeat_acappella) for updates!

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