NOiR is a runway-based community service student organization at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Since its inception in the fall of 1999, NOiR has established itself as the premier fashion organization. In an effort to bring together Michigan’s diverse community, NOiR annually combines the essence of runway fashion and community service. Each year NOiR re-introduces style, creativity, and individuality to the University of Michigan with an annual fall project and Spring fashion show. NOiR is spearheaded by an executive board comprised of dedicated individuals with diverse career aspirations including fashion, entertainment, public relations, and business affairs.Each year NOiR chooses a charitable cause to volunteer for and donate proceeds to. NOiR believes that fashion can be used as an avenue to educate as well as encourage others to become aware of the importance of community involvement.“We are not only an advocate of community service; we are a model of it.”

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