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Since its 1999 debut as an Asian interest magazine, SHEI has transformed into the University of Michigan’s premier fashion, arts, and culture student publication. SHEI Magazine prides itself on delivering the latest fashions, featuring outstanding up and coming artists, and highlighting all the latest trends, whether that means announcing a new Ann Arbor restaurant opening or a shift in the fashion industry at large. With readership ranging from college students to esteemed alumni across the nation, we reach a wide demographic through our online, print, and social media platforms. SHEI releases two print magazine issues per year; our fall issue is released mid-December and our spring issue, mid-April. With our recently redesigned website, SHEI’s reach is even greater, with content that includes, but is not limited to, fashion, arts, and culture. From coverage of New York Fashion Week to tips on revamping an old nightstand, SHEI has it covered.

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