Seven Mile Music (SMiM)


Seven Mile Music is a group that would provide free music lessons to youth in inner city areas of Detroit. Drawing from the abundant musical talent found within the student body of the university, we would arrange weekly trips to community centers to provide lessons to children that are interested. As the group grows, we plan to expand and teach more students throughout the city. Through fundraising, we seek to be able to provide permanent instruments to the community centers and those that are particularly interested.Besides the many individual benefits that playing an instrument allows, playing music can bring people together. We plan to have students play music with each other, and aspire towards concerts for them to showcase all that they have learned.I worked on a program similar to what I am proposing in a poverty-stricken area of my home state of West Virginia, and we held an end of the year concert. We had pianists, drummers, rappers, violinists, bands -family and friends came to watch and it was a great experience for everyone involved. Many of the kids developed a love for music and dedicated time to practicing that would otherwise have been wasted or spent getting into trouble.I believe that this program could be of great benefit to kids in Detroit. Drawing from the school of music and from the general student body, I hope that this group can grow and reach out to many areas of Detroit.

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