Dance 2XS


Dance2XS UMICH is a chapter of the international hip hop dance company, Dance2XS International.The first Dance2XS chapter was formed on the campus of UIUC in 1998 by Patrick Chen and Lee Daniel. Since then, it has grown from one group of passionate dancers into a family with chapters all around the world.Dance2XS Chapters include:[Australia] [Brazil] [Caliente] [Chicago] [Estonia] [Iceland] [Italy] [Mexico] [New York] [Portugal] [Prague] [Purdue University] [United Kingdom] [Univeristy of Illinois] [University of Michigan]Members from the Dance2XS family have performed with internationally recognized artists such as ...[Michael Jackson' [Janet Jackson] [Justin Timberlake] [R Kelly] [Aaliyah] [Britney Spears] [Kylie Minogue] [Mya] [Fat Joe] [Snoop Dog] [Pharrell Williams] [Red Man] [Chingy] [James Brown] [Tyrese] [Mariah Carey] [Pink] [50 Cent] [Alicia Keys] [Dido] [Mis-Teeq] [DJ Bobo] [SugarBabes] [CoCo Lee] [Matrix II & III] [Honey Promo] [You Got Served] [J.Cole].Our family continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression and dance as it grows within the hip hop industry.

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