Ballroom Dance Team


The Ballroom Dance Team at the University of Michigan is comprised of over 150 active members from all majors and backgrounds. The team aims to foster and promote competitive ballroom dancing among the students at the university, and participates in the competitive collegiate ballroom circuit, traveling to competitions held at other universities across the Midwest. We compete every year at the National Collegiate Championships in Columbus, Ohio, and are proud to have won the National Championship every year since 2005!The team offers lessons starting at the newcomer level, and no prior dance experience is necessary to join the team. We have two expert instructors, Steve and Susan McFerran, who not only have been among the top professional competitive ballroom dance couples in the world themselves, but also have judged at the highest levels including the current world professional Latin dance championship. They also coach Olympic-level ice dancers when they aren't teaching our team. We offer free beginner lessons at the beginning of each semester. These welcome week events are completely commitment-free, but as all of our members know, ballroom dance is an addiction! Aside from practices and competitions, we also have frequent social events, and have a close relationship with the community ballroom dance club. We are a tight-knit, diverse group of students with a love for ballroom dance, and all are welcome to join! Email us at, or visit our website at for more information.

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