WaterColors Acapella


We are WaterColors Acapella, a classical/choral A Capella Group that loves to sing gorgeous pieces with beautiful voices and has lots of fun doing it! We sing music which emphasizes the unified voice of a group, where every voice has equal importance and an equal role.We sing songs that are classically oriented, but we also want to make popular songs into choral-style arrangements and share our love of this genre with our campus (and the world, that's cool too). This means we will rarely have a beatboxer or lead singer for our main songs.We do, however, provide an opportunity for every member to solo perform in each concert. You pick your song and we will pick up the backing parts. WaterColors wants to show off everyone's voice to its fullest, which means solo and together with everyone else!We meet twice a week for 2-3 hours on central campus and acknowledge our love of food afterwards by eating out occasionally after rehearsal. We will have more social events this term, so it's sure to be a blast!

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