Blank Space Workshop


Blank Space puts on four new student works a semester, workshop style. We will select the season through a pitching process -- three of the four will get two weeks of workshops and rewrites and collaboration with volunteering actors and a director (a 29 hour process, if you will) which will cumulate in staged readings for two performances (scripts in hand, very casual) in front of an audience for more critiques.The fourth show will be the show in residency -- and that show will have about three- four weeks to workshop and work with their team and then they will have a fully realized stage production at the end of the semester.The point of Blank Space Workshop is not to produce finished work or full productions. Rather, we hope to provide a space for emerging projects, early drafts and young pieces of original theatre to grow and mature. Through the workshop process the writer and director will collaborate with the actors to make changes to the piece and help it grow into itself. The staged readings will be an extension of this process -- inviting more people into the conversation about the piece and its' potential.

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