Front Porch


Front Porch is a mixed quartet that invites audiences to engage personally with music by passionate, youthful voices, reimagining the classical concert experience with warmth and love as its foundation. Feeling equally at home with opera singers, composers, folk artists, and everyone in between, Front Porch is committed to exploring the expressive possibilities of its uncommon configuration of violin, bassoon, piano, and percussion.When Front Porch first came together, they were only a little disappointed to find that no repertoire existed for their unusual combination of instruments. They pride themselves on seeking out collaborative and creative opportunities as much as possible: in their first year alone, they premiered five new works, created their own arrangements of pieces by prominent living composers, and performed both guided and free improvisations. Front Porch is committed to providing opportunities for children to grow creatively through music. With funding from the University of Michigan PEERs Program, they initiated a semester-long partnership with Detroit Leadership Academy, presenting workshops that explored creative storytelling through music under the mentorship of the acclaimed Chicago-based Fifth House Ensemble.

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