Xinitiatives: innovation for passion


Xinitiatives is a passion and business-oriented club that focuses on providing a platform for international students to develop their interests and finding new friends with the same interests. Xinitiatives has two departments: the interest department and the operational department. In our interest department, we have experts in different areas, including outdoor recreation, music, Japanese animation, environment protection, and so on. Our starting members in the operational department have an abundance of experiences in consulting or marketing to help our members promote their interests and build a strong foundation in innovative leadership.We host weekly activities in our different interests tracks, including kayaking, backpacking and musical concerts which are open to all students. In the operational track, we host weekly discussion seminars to work out the project plan for activities in interest tracks. Members can actively take on different roles.Above all, Xinitiatives is a club where helps you build your interest, business acumen, and meet friends with similar interests!

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