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Multiverse Media is an eclectic, four-episode television series that will function as an artist�s playground, community builder, and resume enhancer. It begins with a writer's room that will write all four, fifteen-minute episodes of our series. The scripts will feature four distinct characters, three locations, and limited stage directions and design suggestions. From there, four teams will each take on a different episode to design and produce. They will create an aesthetic that captures their interpretation of the world of the show, choosing locations and actors to complete their vision. In addition, each episode will include a custom, student-made theme song and poster which capture the team�s artistic vision. Teams are not allowed to view other episodes before their episode is complete in an effort to make them as unique as possible. Our goal is to showcase a wide range of students� creativity and to build a network across departments in the process. Once a team has completed their episode, it will be aired on our Youtube channel, @MultiverseMedia, for anyone and everyone to view. By the end of the semester, we will have our completed series uploaded to our Youtube channel for everyone to share and appreciate.MM is established to share the talents of our students, create a network of artists, provide funded learning opportunities, and foster an environment that encourages curiosity and collaboration. Overall, this organization creates a campus-wide community that highlights and appreciates the talents of its individuals. Beyond the University, our series is created to share the incredible talent, creativity, and curiosity of our students with the world.

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