Pure Dance


Pure is a microcosm of the Michigan experience: we provide dancers with the opportunity to work with others who have had different training and who may have a broad spectrum of strengths and backgrounds. Creating and maintaining an open and inclusive environment is extremely important to us. There are no financial barriers to joining Pure (we don't charge dues), and we welcome students regardless of race, gender, and sexual orientation. We recognize that the world of dance is often extremely demanding, both mentally and physically, and we strive to provide a safe environment where our members can express themselves without the pressure of conforming to the ideal dancer's archetype. The closeness of our community is a large part of this commitment: we make a strong effort to organize social events so that our dancers have the opportunity to build friendships. Pure Dance meets twice a week at the Central Campus Recreation Building to rehearse our student-choreographed pieces in anticipation of our annual showcase, which occurs at the beginning of the winter semester. We choreograph two large-group pieces and four small-group pieces each year, and we perform these pieces at events around campus as well as at our annual showcase.

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