Amateur Hour Stand-Up Comedy


The best way to enjoy life is through comedy. Amateur Hour provides an opportunity for anyone interested in comedy to learn and perform stand-up, as well as meet the quirks who also enjoy laughing and making people laugh. The club meets weekly to work on individual stand-up sets in Mason Hall. These meetings are a safe environment for comedians to share bits and have other comedians give feedback. All club members are encouraged, but not required, to perform in any of our monthly stand-up shows (3 per semester). Many Amateur Hour comedians perform at local Ann Arbor area stand-up shows as well. The club makes an effort to organize a group of club members to attend these shows together so that club-members can feel a bit more confident reaching out to the greater Ann Arbor community. We hope one can learn and perform stand-up comedy club after joining the club as well as meet other comedians sharing a similar interest of comedy.

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