Identity and Marketing


Arts at Michigan provides many opportunities for funding student groups, arts initiatives and faculty projects. If you've been funded by us, please feel free to utilize our logo on your marketing and distribution material.

Have you received a Student Mini-Grant or Course Connections award from Arts at Michigan? If so, then you are required to include the Arts at Michigan logo in any printed or web material (flyers, posters, programs, websites, etc.) associated with your funded event or activity.


Our logo should be used with care. It is necesary to use enough empty space around the logo (usually .2 inches) and to never alter the logo in any way. The logo must either be full black, or full white (if used on a dark-colored background). We offer the logo as a vector .eps file on white and on black backgrounds; and the logo as a 300 dpi .jpeg on white and on black backgrounds.

Use of the Name

If you would prefer not to use a logo, please refer to us as "Arts at Michigan." You do not need to use "the" before "Arts at Michigan."

For internet use, please use this in your html code:
<a href="">Arts at Michigan</a>

Marketing Statement

Connecting you to the arts.
Mission Statement
Arts at Michigan's mission is to integrate the visual, performing, and literary arts into the undergraduate experience at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor campus. Arts at Michigan programs actively engage students in the arts as a meaningful way to build connections between academic and co-curricular experiences, and to support students in their diverse roles as creators, audience members, and leaders in the university's vibrant arts community.