Student Creative Work

The Arts Initiative is dedicated to providing a platform for University of Michigan students to share their artistic voice and creativity!
These programs showcase a wide range of student creative work.

See weekly posts from our students writers and artists illuminating their thoughts and experiences with the arts!

Student Competitions & Exhibitions

Arts Initiative believes there is an artist inside each of us. These competitions are your opportunity to share your artistic genius, exhibit your work for the University community and win some prizes! Competitions will be held periodically throughout the year, with calls for art using different themes and mediums. Submissions are narrowed down by staff, and then the finalists are voted on by the public in the Unions and by the U-M Community online. Winners get great prizes, so be sure you’re signed up for Arts Info, our weekly email, so you’ll hear about our future contests and opportunities.

Student Arts Org Highlights


Hopelessly Yellow (HY) is an organization promoting mental wellness and positivity for students, by students. The club fosters a passionate community through personal essays, design work, curated music playlists, and podcasts. The team of 100+ members includes writers, editors, playlist producers, graphic designers, event planners, DEI chairs, finance managers, and social media coordinators, bringing together students from every corner of the University to create inclusive and impactful content. The club has created strong friendships and provided an authentic support system for hundreds. Hopelessly Yellow recently hit 30K website views and 2.5K+ Instagram followers. HY produced 15 Spotify playlists and wrapped season 2 of the Golden Hour podcast with 1K+ streams. The writing team published 100 articles and the graphic design team curated 55 social posts. HY fostered club engagement with workshops and collaborative events with other UM clubs (Ross Retail & SHEI), and Ann Arbor's Reset Brain and Body. The brand has expanded to universities including Wisconsin-Madison, Texas at Austin, Virginia, Duke, Tulane, and Cornell, working to maximize its impact nationwide.


Want to sing? Or learn to dance? Or discuss films? Check out the 200+ student arts organizations in our Student Arts Org directory, and discover the group that shares your interests and aspirations!


Is your Student Arts Org doing something you want people to know about? Let us know for a chance to be featured!


Ann Arbor has tons of arts happening at any time. Find art around town, discover opportunities, and read about the local arts scene!

Our student bloggers review arts events and discuss the local arts scene.

Arts Info

Arts Info is your weekly guide for arts events around Ann Arbor, student arts opportunities, information about and resources for student arts organizations, and student creative work!

Art Around Town

Ann Arbor and U-M have a vibrant art scene with a constant array of arts events. Find weekly recommendations and resources on how to find and attend events.

Calls & Auditions

View a list of opportunities aimed at students who want to share their artistic talents. Photo and design competitions, auditions, and calls for entry and more!

Arts Initiative

The U-M Arts Initiative seeks to illuminate and expand human connections, inspire collaborative creativity, and build a more just and equitable world through the arts.

Arts & Culture

Visit U-M's Arts & Culture website to keep up with the latest arts news, and to explore the University's museums, cultural attractions, performance venues, public art, and more.

Photo Credits

Many of the pages on our site feature artwork from students and alumni from the university. We change the photographs and designs periodically, drawing from the Student Creative Work section of this site.