Student Creative Work


We are dedicated to providing a platform for University of Michigan students to share their artistic voice and creativity! The following programs showcase a wide range of student creative work.



Read about what people are seeing!

Our [art]seen bloggers review arts events on and around campus, sharing their thoughts and experiences on live music, film screenings, dance performances, theatre productions and art exhibitions.

arts, ink.

See what people are creating!

Our arts, ink. blog features weekly posts from student writers and artists. This blog is designed to illuminate the Michigan student experience through art.

Competitions & Exhibitions

Show people what you're creating!

Student competitions and exhibitions are your opportunity to share your artistic voice and creativity, exhibit your work for the University community, and sometimes even win prizes!

Creative Fellows

Collaborate to create artistic projects!

Students from across the university work with a Lead Artist Facilitator on interdisciplinary artistic projects with their student peers guided by arts mentors.