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Event Name Date Time Location
Baby PlaygroupsSeptember 25, 202310:30 amAADL - MC
Preschool StorytimesSeptember 25, 202310:30 amAADL - PF
Sewing Lab | Patch Pockets with Rae HoekstraSeptember 25, 20236:00 pmAADL - DT
ESL Conversation GroupsSeptember 25, 20236:00 pmAADL - TW
Emerging Writers | Monthly Meet-UpSeptember 25, 20236:30 pmAADL - WG
Baby PlaygroupsSeptember 26, 202311:00 amAADL - TW
Preschool StorytimesSeptember 26, 202311:00 amAADL - MC
Letterpress Open LabSeptember 26, 20235:30 pmAADL - DT
Preschool StorytimesSeptember 27, 202310:30 amAADL - MC
Baby PlaygroupsSeptember 27, 202310:30 amAADL - WG
Recipe Share | Date Night DinnersSeptember 27, 20234:00 pmAADL - TV
ESL Conversation GroupsSeptember 27, 20236:00 pmAADL - MC
ESL Conversation GroupsSeptember 28, 202310:30 amAADL - WG
Preschool StorytimesSeptember 28, 202311:00 amAADL - TW
Arabic StorytimeSeptember 28, 20235:00 pmAADL - MC
Fall WreathmakingSeptember 28, 20236:00 pmAADL - PF
Film Screening & Panel Discussion | We Have Reached The Moment with the Michigan Community Scholars ProgramSeptember 28, 20236:30 pmAADL - DT
Baby PlaygroupsSeptember 29, 202310:30 amAADL - DT
ESL Conversation GroupsSeptember 29, 202310:30 amAADL - MC
Preschool StorytimesSeptember 29, 20231:00 pmAADL - WG
Tempeh: Unveiling the Nutritious and Versatile Plant-Based ProteinSeptember 29, 20235:30 pmAADL - DT
Seed Collection Pop-Up HikeSeptember 30, 202310:00 amAADL - OS
Chinese StorytimeSeptember 30, 202311:00 amAADL - TW
FAADL Special Art Book Sale: In Memory of Martha ArmstrongSeptember 30, 202312:00 pmAADL - DT
Paw Patrol Coloring!September 30, 202312:00 pmAADL - WG

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