Student Arts Org HUB

Student Arts Org HUB

The Student Arts Org HUB is your guide to joining and following the many student arts organizations on campus! The student-driven artistic community at the University of Michigan is one of the most vibrant in the nation; there are over two hundred and fifty diverse student arts organizations operating across campus, producing innovative and engaging art across all fields and enriching the culture of the University. Explore the HUB to discover more!

The Arts Initiative supports student arts orgs with publicity, funding, and guidance in their important role in the Michigan arts community! The Student Arts Org HUB is designed to help make those connections happen. Learn about what we can do to help your org!

Want to sing? Or learn to dance? Or discuss films? Check out the 200+ student arts organizations in our Student Arts Org directory, and discover the group that shares your interests and aspirations!

Don’t see a student org that shares your interests or goals? Learn how to start your own Student Organization from the Center for Campus Involvement! Learn More

Got a project that needs funding? Student Mini-Grants provide funding to student-initiated arts projects and events that will have a significant impact on campus life. Find a funding source that supports your needs!

Student Arts Org Highlights


The Compulsive Lyres

The Compulsive Lyres are a co-ed A Cappella group at the University, dedicated to singing their hearts out. They will have their fall concert "Home Alyre" on 12/9 at 7pm. See it for free with the passport to the arts!


The Sopranos

The Sopranos are an all-treble competitive A Cappella group at the University. The Sops will have their fall performance,"The Twilight Sop-ga" on 12/9 at 7pm. See it for free with the passport to the arts!


Blue Bop

Blue Bop is a student-run big-band specializing in jazz music! Blue Bop will have their fall semester concert on 12/9 at 6pm, in the Michigan League!

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