Award Categories

Student organizations can self-nominate in up to 4 categories per year. For each nomination, you should highlight the work you have done this past year in that category. You can also submit up to four photos and/or a video not to exceed 15 minutes.

Category Description
Theatre All student organizations that produce or create theatre are eligible.
Musical Theatre All student organizations that produce musical theatre (including operas) are eligible.
Vocal & A Cappella Music All student organizations that create or perform A Cappella, Choral, and other vocal music are eligible.
Instrumental Music All student organizations that create or perform instrumental or digital music are eligible.
Ensemble Dance All organizations who have created choreographed group dance performances are eligible.
Event Production All organizations who have produced an event or performance featuring outstanding scenic, costume, lighting, or sound design are eligible.
Comedy or Improv All student organizations producing comedy or improv are eligible, including live and recorded performances, as well as humor publications.
Literary Arts All student organizations engaging in the literary arts, either as printed or spoken word are eligible. This can include organizations creating publications, performances, or engaging through literary arts in other creative formats.
Publication Design Any organizations with outstanding publication layout or design are eligible, special attention will be paid to this organization's design template. Publications should submit examples of their best work (page spreads, covers, etc.)
Visual Arts Any student organization that has created an art exhibition, installation or publication is eligible.
Film & Video Any student organization who creates or produces student film or video is eligible. Please submit a link to a video selection not to exceed ten minutes in length.
Fashion Any student organization that curates, photographs, writes about, or hosts events related to fashion are eligible. Please submit examples in the most appropriate format for the type of work you do (images from publications, photos or videos of events, etc.)
Alternative Performance All student performing arts groups that do not fit clearly into another category are eligible to submit for this award. Examples include groups practice the arts of juggling, storytelling, magic, or aerial silk, etc.
Community Arts Engagement Any student arts organization on campus whose focus extends beyond the University of Michigan community and uses the arts in an effort to better larger communities, or society as a whole is eligible. Service, awareness, and socially conscious arts events and groups will be considered.
Interdisciplinary Collaboration Any student organization that brings two or more artistic mediums (or fields of study) together to create collaborative art on campus is eligible.
Cultural Arts Practice Any student arts organization practicing an art form tied to a specific culture or heritage is eligible.
Emerging Arts Organization Any student arts organization with outstanding work that has been active for less than two academic years is eligible.
Lifting Voices Award Any student arts organization using the arts to give voice to underrepresented peoples and stories.