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Week of MARCH 23rd

Our theme this week was Nostalgia. Take some time to reminisce and throwback to your childhood. Vibe out to some early 2000s classics with this Spotify playlist or get moving to some just dance classics with this playlist. Make some fortunes come true by making a cootie catcher with your friends or swing by arts ambassadors' blast from the past crafternoon for fun times including silly bandz and shrink-a-dinks! Finally, check out dance-mix tomorrow 3/24 at 7pm, free with a passport to the arts! Or check out some nostalgic faves in town, including the Hands-on Museum, Rocket fizz, and the Vault of Midnight.

Week of MARCH 9th

This week was all about resetting our minds as we return from a much-needed break. Take time to practice mindfulness with a guided meditation or podcast, take a guided tour of the arb to soak up the sun, and try out bullet journaling for a new and creative way to set goals and relax.

  • Something to listen to:
  • Somewhere to go:
      Take a brain break and check out something new by attending the Noir Fashion show this Saturday at 7pm in the Power Center (get tickets here!) or stretch your legs by going on a guided nature walk in the Arb on March 15th from 5:30-6:30pm (more upcoming events in the arb here including an orchid show, ann arbor artist display, and learning about beekeeping)
  • Something to make:
      Discover bullet journaling to help you set goals, stay organized, and relax! This article recommends buying a specific type of journal, but any notebook you have or just paper is enough to get started and try it out.

Week of FEBRUARY 23rd

This week’s theme was EXPLORE. Discover new music and travel the world from the comfort of your own home with new playlists and podcasts, hit the town and find all the fairy doors at various locations in town, and whip up something delicious with a new recipe or visiting a new restaurant!

Week of December 8th

This Week’s Theme was Charge Up. Finish the semester strong with a playlist to study to and tips for note-taking and setting goals. But don’t forget to take a break and relax by stopping by Umixtape on North Campus or the Arts Ambassadors study days at the UMMA this weekend!

Week of November 24th

This Week’s Theme was Celebrate Friends & Family. Sing along to music as you travel or hang out at home, visit art exhibits celebrating community and family, and flashback to childhood with some hand turkeys. Celebrate those around you while on a well-deserved break, whether with friends, family, or pets!

Week of November 10th

This week’s theme was Unwind. Listen to Calm’s 10 minute meditations to relax your mind, go pet Hawkeye and Sherlock for some fuzzy cuddles, and sip some hot tea while taking a break to color or make some origami.

Week of October 27th

This week’s theme was Spooky. Listen to Spotify's Spooky Stories collection to fill your scary podcast craving, go down the rabbit hole at the Haunted Bell Tower on Halloween night, and whip up some Halloween paper crafts to decorate during this spooky season.

Week of March 31st

This week’s theme was Explore and Expand. Get out of the house and watch the UMS performance of “SW!NG OUT,” test out newly opened Ann Arbor eatery Condado Taco, traverse the world through the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival, widen your horizons with a Zell Visiting Writers Series reading, and attend the Women’s Glee Club Spring Concert for free with a Passport to the Arts!

Week of March 24th

This week’s theme was Rainy Daze. Prepare for the coming spring with your own handmade propagation station, stream fan-favorite rainy day movies, craft a recycled tote bag out of an old t-shirt, reflect on the weather with our curated Press Playlist, and fold some paper flowers to bloom in the new season.

Week of March 10th

This week’s theme was Rev Up. Kick off the last leg of the semester with a revitalizing Press Playlist, watch some energizing performances at the annual Dance Mix, tune into a motivational podcast on a local walking trail, and shake off your end-of-semester worries with some online dance workouts.

Week of February 24th

This week’s theme was Take A Break. Start your vacation off right with a refreshing playlist, watch a pastry chef recreate the iconic “Have a Break” Kit-Kat, brush up on your origami with a Block M, pick up a local ArtBox to work on over Spring Break, and try your hand at an online puzzle.

Week of February 17th

This week’s theme was Warmth. Escape the Michigan cold and warm up with homemade hot cocoa and soup recipes, knit a temperature blanket, tune into a comforting playlist, visit another timezone through WindowSwap, and learn from the best on how to stay fashionable in chilly weather.

Week of February 10th

This week’s theme was Love All. Celebrate your Valentine’s Day by marathoning fan-favorite movies, blooming your relationships with 36 questions that lead to love, practice self-love through some pampering at the Aveda Institute (run by its students!), perusing the Ann Arbor culinary and art scene on your date night, and making a stranger’s day at the Trading Post in STAMPS.

Week of December 16th

This week’s theme was in honor of the end of the semester and the upcoming holidays, Wrap It Up! Organize your final tasks in a fun and creative way with a printable to-do list, finish your work out strong with a Productivity playlist, and get inspired by unique ways to wrap gifts for your upcoming celebrations!

Week of December 9th

This week’s theme was Wind Down. Take a moment from end-of-semester work to create art and spread joy at the Arts Ambassadors' event "Study and Spread Joy" at UMMA's Study Days on Saturday from 3-5pm and then stick around for the soothing sounds of “Cathartic Cafe: Open Mic Night,” tune into a short film or video game during a quick study break, visit a CAPS Wellness Zone to relieve some stress, and get your full eight hours using a sleep podcast.

Week of December 2nd

This week’s theme was Focus. Hunker down during the last leg of the Fall Semester and find a new campus study spot, brush up on note-taking methods, concentrate with the help of our favorite productivity apps, listen to lofi beats to keep you grounded, and learn about the inclusive arts programming of the student org FOKUS: Fighting Obstacles Knowing Ultimate Success.

Week of November 25th

This week’s theme was Motivate. Start off the semester’s final stretch with a yoga session and visit a local café to meet your coffee needs––not a caffeine drinker? Try some bubble tea spots instead! Then, pump yourself up with some uplifting tunes with our collaborative playlist and tackle your “Instant Gratification Monkey” by listening to some TedTalks.

Week of November 18th

This week’s theme was Give Thanks. Prepare for Thanksgiving Week–– revamp your holiday pies, learn how to creatively fold napkins, cook a holiday meal on a college budget, center yourself with a guided thankfulness meditation, and finish up by rewatching iconic Thanksgiving TV episodes.

Week of November 11th

This week’s theme was Cozy. Tune into some soothing ambient sounds, make some comfort foods inspired by your favorite movies and tv shows, get inspired and stay warm with Michigan fashion, curl up and checkout to relaxing visuals from Studio Ghibli, and get centered by drawing alongside artist and illustrator Sarah Nisbett.

Week of November 4th

To kick off Press Play, this week's theme was Fall. Contribute to the Fall Playlist, check out this fall-themed animated series, collect some leaves at Arb or print some out to make a fall collage or garland, or grab a warm drink and walk down to the Sunday Artisan Market in Kerrytown.

Press Pause Resources

Week of April 15th

Do you need a break from studying? The pandemic? The Arts Ambassadors are here to give you weekly arts resources perfect for pressing pause and taking a break from it all.

This week's theme was Sustain and featured recipes to soothe and nourish you during finals!