Connecting Student Creatives


Connecting Student Creatives is an initiative to share the creative work of University of Michigan students. In this space and on our social media channels, we'll be highlighting some of the many students who make up our campus artistic community: visual artists, filmmakers, dancers, musicians, architects, designers, actors, poets, set designers, cartoonists and more! Below are some of the students we've featured. Check out their work here and on their social media!. If you'd like to have your work featured, send us your info using this nomination form!

Riya Aggarwal

LSA Honors, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology with a minor in Art & Design
Class of 2024

I am a self taught artist and henna artist. I have been doing art for most of my life and it is one of my true passions. Over the years I have been hired for commission work, parties and events, and volunteer opportunities through my art. I would love to be able to spread my love for my culture through art as well as be able to create a business for my henna if anybody is interested. I look forward to meeting and getting to know other artists alike and creating a beautiful network of creative people.

Shared here is one of Riya's digital drawings. See more of her visual art here

SoJung Ham

School of Information - UX Design
Class of 2021

I'm a self-taught illustrator and graphic designer who is influenced by my time on the internet and my fandom interests. I also sell my work here and in-person at events such as conventions and around campus. Check me out on Twitter and instagram @sjhamart :)

Shared here is one of SoJung's illustrations See more of her illustration, graphic design, and other art here:

Priya Ganji

LSA, undecided
Class of 2024

I am a freshman attending the University of Michigan this fall through LSA, yet still undecided for a major. I have been doing art from a very young age and love it. I enjoy working with ink, color pencil, and acrylic mediums. This is a color pencil piece of cherries. I hoped to capture them as close to realism as possible. I hope to get involved with art Ambassadors, and community organizations that promote Art and expression on campus.

Shared here is one of Priya's drawings. See more of her visual art here

Nellie Shih

Class of 2023

I was a member of the Lloyd Scholars for Writing and the Arts MLC my freshman year, which introduced me to other forms of art besides photography, which was my preferred form of art in high school. Since then, I've been taking art classes at a studio near my house and experimenting with acrylic paints and digital drawing/animation. I am a writer for [art]seen, and I am hoping to become part of SHEI and MAE magazines this upcoming semester!

Shared here is one of Nellie's digital drawings. See more of her photography, digital art, sketches and painting, and animations here

Mairna Askar

LSA- Computer Science and International Studies
Class of 2022

"I'm a junior studying CS and International Studies and I'm slowly (but surely) getting back into my passion for art! I love exploring abstraction and culture through my pieces and constantly trying new styles. You may notice that my style can be anything, but consistent because of that value. "

Shared here is one of Mairna's digital drawings See more of her 2D art here

Hope M

School of Information- UX design
Class of 2022

"I'm a Junior studying UX design at UofM. While I am studying user experience design, drawing has always been a hobby of mine. I'm particularly a fan of sci-fi fantasy concepts and crafting stories through my artwork. I love designing characters and building worlds–at some point I would like to create and sell my own Art Book. At Michigan, I've been involved with various organizations such as rxn, a hip hop dance group, The Michigan Daily as a designer, and am currently the design lead on the MHacks core team. "

Shared here is one of Hope's recent digital drawings. See more of her digital art and painting here

Nayiri Sagherian

Class of 2023

"Being a BCN and MES student, art is an outlet where I can express ideas without the need of a textbook. My creative work usually stems from a need to paint or write. More often than not, though, I make to because it’s really just fun to make something bright and interesting. I’m involved in a few clubs on campus, including MDraw and the Armenian Students Cultural Association(ASCA). I’m also an Arts Ambassador and can’t wait to see what student art will come of quarantine."

Shared here is Nayiri's mandala design. See more of her painting and creative writing here

Kaylee Yang

Class of 2021

"I'm a senior in the School of Nursing and have been drawing since 7th grade. Still figuring out what and where I want to go with my art!"

Shared here is Kaylee's drawing from 2017. See more of her drawings here

Claire Smith

Stamps School of Art & Design
Class of 2021

"I've known I wanted to study graphic design since middle school, so starting my senior year at Michigan in that field is super exciting! Right now I'm doing design work for Arts at Michigan and the Center on Finance, Law, and Policy and I'm also involved in an art therapy student org called Making Masterpieces."

Shared here is Claire's recent sticker design. See more of her Graphic design & visual art here

Emma Pinchak

Class of 2021

"As a hobby, I work on murals, usually with a small group but sometimes alone. In total I've helped paint around a dozen over the last five or six years. To me, it's the best medium for expression, whether that involves activism or education or whatever else.
I would love to be a part of a mural somewhere around Ann Arbor this year."

Shared here is Emma's recent mural, which was a group project with Savanna Kittel, Guillermo Castro, and Sheila Morken. See more of her murals and other artwork here