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Event Name Time Location
Michigan Medicine Employee Art Exhibition8:00 amUniversity Hospitals
Animal Friends: Ceramic Sculpture8:00 amUniversity Hospitals
Organic Fiction: Acrylic on Canvas8:00 amUniversity Hospitals
Pacific Underwater Photography8:00 amUniversity Hospitals
Strokes of a Reed Pen: Arabic Calligraphy8:00 amUniversity Hospitals
Celebrating Science & Art8:00 amUniversity Hospitals
Innovations in Ornament8:00 amUniversity Hospitals
David Cope: Player of Invisible Keys8:30 amHatcher Graduate Library
Exhibition | Urban Biographies, Ancient and Modern9:00 amKelsey Museum of Archaeology
Floodlines9:00 am202 S. Thayer
“Reinventing Matisse” Exhibition9:00 amNorth Campus Research Complex Building 10
CANDYLAND Exhibition9:00 amNorth Campus Research Complex Building 18
The Strangeness of the Everyday Exhibition9:00 amNorth Campus Research Complex Building 18
Preschool Storytime10:00 amAADL - MC
Baby Playgroups11:00 amAADL - PF
Preschool Storytimes11:00 amAADL - DT
Paul Rand: The Designer's Task11:00 amMuseum of Art
Abstraction, Color, and Politics in the Early 1970s11:00 amMuseum of Art
Have We Met? Dialogues on Memory and Desire11:00 amStamps Gallery, 201 S. Division Street, Ann Arbor MI 48104
Proof: The Ryoichi Excavations11:00 amMuseum of Art
Beyond Borders: Global Africa11:00 amMuseum of Art
Painting His Way Home11:00 amDetroit Street Filling Station (300 Detroit St. Ann Arbor, MI 48104)
Preschool Storytimes1:00 pmAADL - WG
Workshop for Cecilia Morales, PhD Candidate in English Language and Literature2:30 pmAngell Hall
Reading + Q&A3:00 pmAngell Hall
High School Exam Study Space3:30 pmAADL - WG
Suspiria 3:40 pmMichigan Theater
Circle K Homework Help4:00 pmAADL - DT
Free Solo 4:00 pmMichigan Theater
A Star Is Born 4:15 pmMichigan Theater
Museo 4:30 pmMichigan Theater
Can You Ever Forgive Me? 4:30 pmMichigan Theater
Beautiful Boy 4:45 pmMichigan Theater
First Step Sessions5:00 pmWeiser Hall
First Step Sessions5:00 pmWeiser Hall
Tea with the Dames 5:00 pmMichigan Theater
Preschool Storytimes6:00 pmAADL - TW
English as a Second Language Conversation Group6:00 pmAADL - MC
Letterpress Lab6:00 pmAADL - DT
Suspiria 6:15 pmMichigan Theater
Screening of The Testament of Dr. Mabuse6:30 pmNorth Quad
A Star Is Born 6:50 pmMichigan Theater
Poet jessica Care moore7:00 pmAADL - DT
Soups, Chilis and Chowders with Keegan Rodgers7:00 pmAADL - PF
Development Summer Internship Program (D-SIP) Info Session7:00 pmMichigan League
Soups, Chilis, and Chowders with Keegan Rodgers7:00 pmAADL - PF
Museo 7:00 pmMichigan Theater
Free Solo 7:00 pmMichigan Theater
Suspiria 7:00 pmMichigan Theater
Can You Ever Forgive Me? 7:10 pmMichigan Theater
Beautiful Boy 7:15 pmMichigan Theater
Tea with the Dames 7:15 pmMichigan Theater
ZION: The University of Michigan Saxophone Ensemble7:30 pmWalgreen Drama Center
Museo 7:45 pmMichigan Theater
Suspiria 7:45 pmMichigan Theater
Beautiful Boy 7:45 pmMichigan Theater
University Symphony Orchestra & University Philharmonia Orchestra8:00 pmHill Auditorium
Wood Chickens9:00 pmBlind Pig
Can You Ever Forgive Me? 9:20 pmMichigan Theater
Beautiful Boy 9:20 pmMichigan Theater
Museo 9:20 pmMichigan Theater
A Star Is Born 9:30 pmMichigan Theater
Can You Ever Forgive Me? 9:30 pmMichigan Theater
Free Solo 9:35 pmMichigan Theater
A Star Is Born 9:35 pmMichigan Theater
Suspiria 9:45 pmMichigan Theater
Free Solo 9:45 pmMichigan Theater
Conveying Information Through Comics12:00 pmDuderstadt Center (Media Union)
SMTD Wednesday Walking Group12:30 pmEarl V. Moore Building


It's searchable by date, time and genre (music, dance, theatre, visual arts, and more), so you can view the events of interest to you and plan out your schedule. Our database also contains opportunities for students to audition and submit work to University and community organizations alike.

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Of course, the reason our arts listing is so extensive is because of the many University departments, student groups and community organizations who take the time to submit their information.

Tell us what your organization, department, or company have planned!

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