Photo Credits: Michael Padilla

Photographer: Michael Padilla, Mechanical Enginering, College of Engineering, Class of 2015.

Many of the pages on our site feature photography from students and alumni from the university that were submitted through our As I See It competitions. Learn more here

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Awarding around $30,000 per year to students and faculty, Arts at Michigan's funding programs help make possible many of the most interesting arts events & projects on campus. Apply today for funding for your next project.

For Students
—Student Mini-Grants

Supporting student initiatives in the arts

The Student Mini-Grant funding program, available to any undergraduate student group, supports arts and cultural projects such as exhibitions, performances, concerts, guest-artist visits, site-specific art, workshops, festivals and publications.

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For Faculty
—Course Connections

Promoting the arts in and out of the classroom

The Course Connections funding program, available for any undergraduate course, supports faculty who seek to connect students with the arts to stimulate and deepen their learning experiences at the University. Course Connections also funds transportation costs for these programs.

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Other Sources for Faculty Funding

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