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Fall 2010

Heidelberg Project Tour

Alexander Ralph — LHSP125

Students were taken to visit the Heidelberg Project, guided by Craig Regester, Director of Semester in Detroit program, and participation of its creator, Tyree Guyton. Through the trip, students were exposed to aspects of the city and learn about how art can play a meaningful (and complex) role in the life of a neighborhood and a city.

Creating Interdisciplinary Designer Experiences

Jean Leverich — UARTS101

Starting with a lecture by David Leddy, creator of Susurrus, students then participate in performances of Susurrus; a play without actors and without a stage. Students also dissect Leddy’s designed experience in class, paying close attention to design, lighting, music and technology.

Workshop with Megan Carney

Holly Hughes — INTERPERF150

Megan Carney, a Chicago-based artist and activist, shared her work on Katrina, five years after the disaster, and working with diverse communities, oral histories, shaping materials and opening ongoing dialogues. Students focus on integrating their academic study of contemporary art and the development of their own practice.

Open Performance by D. Blair and Invincible

Scott Kurashige — AC301 / HISTORY303

D. Blair is a high-profile musician who’s inspired from his ongoing educational programs with youth and elders in Detroit, while Invincible is an internationally known rapper who addresses social justice and develops an independent model and production. Students consider the role of arts in urban revitalization and connect with prominent organizers of poetry slams and youth activism circles.

Detroit Vernacular Art Environments Field Trip

Jason Wright — AC204 / RC334

Students went on tour to multiple places including David Best’s urban temple, Silvia Barille’s one acre concrete statue garden, an abandoned building, Heidelberg Project, and Ukrainian Disneyland in Hamtramck. Students focus on ways on how the artwork and artists has been impacted.

Mask Making Project with Pewabic Pottery

Melanie Manos — ARTDES310

A ceramics activity with children was conducted in learning to handle clay, shape a form for a mask, add details using ceramics tools, and paint and adorn the masks after they have been fired. College students work every step of the way with 5th graders helping the children use the materials and giving suggestions of content and aesthetic possibilities for each student's project.

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Winter 2009

Detroit Vernacular Art Environments Field Trip

AMCULT231 — Jason Wright

Students took a tour of five artist environments located in the Southeastern Michigan including two sites in Redford: artist David Best’s urban temple and Silvio Barille’s one acre concrete statue garden; two sites in Detroit: an abandoned building covered with visionary text by an unknown artist, and the Heidelberg Project; and finally, Ukrainian Disneyland in Hamtramck. The trip provided a rare opportunity to see incredible artist environments in person as well as to meet and interact with actual artists in their own environments.

Berlin Theater and Cultures in Dialogue Trip

RCHUMS334 — Janet Shier

Students were exposed to several theatrical performances while their stay in Berlin, Germany. Theater plays in German are commonly used to promote activism, condemn racism, and to inform the public of world–wide events, emphasizing the need to address global issues locally. Therefore, students were able to witness first–hand how Germans use theater and the arts to promote discussion of current issues.

Trip to DIA and the Ziibiwing Center — Native American Representations in Museums

ANTHRARC458 — Lisa Young

Students visited both museums to contrast information and representations of Native peoples in an art or tribal museum with anthropological/natural history museum exhibits. They explore the relationship between indigenous peoples and anthropologists using information from readings, lectures, and visits to museums. They also look at how exhibit development and representations of Native peoples have changed and differs in natural history, art, and tribal museums.

The Life of Galileo, a play by Bertolt Brecht

RCHUMS481 — Kate Mendeloff

In conjunction to the LSA Astronomy Theme semester for Winter ’09 and the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s discovery of a heliocentric universe, students produced one of Brecht’s most important play, “The Life of Galileo”. Students served as stage managers, assistant directors and dramaturges as well as actors where they are given opportunities to learn a number of different skills and perspectives as theater artists.

The Idea of Africa in the Ancient Literary Imagination Event

CLCIV129 — Paolo Asso

In connection with our investigations of African identity from European Antiquity down to contemporary US discourse, students profit from learning how discourse on and around Africa is generated in the museum setting. Students expressed enthusiasm after visiting this unique collection of African–American historical artifacts.

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Fall 2008

Visit to the American Museum of Magic

Taylor Bradley, COMM475

Students travelled to the American Museum of Magic in Marshall, Michigan to study a world class collection of 19th and 20th century magic posters to further their understanding of graphic design and to complete a written analysis of one of the posters on display. The trip allowed them the opportunity to study a unique collection of posters and would later in the term design a new poster promoting the American Museum of Magic.

Master Class with Grupo Krapp

Amy Chavasse, THEATRE361

Theater and dance majors explored the dynamic intersection of their creative and innovative work with Grupo Krapp - an internationally recognized Dance/Theater company. Students had the opportunity to explore the collaborative and experimental techniques employed by Grupo Krapp to create original work. Peers and faculty sit together with the artists to learn about different perspectives united by the challenge of composing original work.

Giuseppe Verdi’s “Rigoletto”

Alison Cornish, ITALIAN461

Verdi’s "Rigoletto" is about the abuse of power, the abuse of women by men, the failure of parent-child relations, the good in apparently evil people, and the evil that good people do. Students studying Italian Opera had the opportunity to watch the performance as a reward after studying and memorizing it. The class not only studied how music provides a powerful tool for language learning, but also about other cultures and disciplines.

Mexicantown Mural Tour

Maria Cotera, AC213

Students went on a morning presentation by local Latina/o historian, Elena Herrada, and an afternoon walking tour of murals and public art, lead by muralist Vito Valdez. During the fieldtrip, students demystified the urban space, as it teaches them that people are making art in all kinds of places. Moreover, most students with static vision of art and art making associate their ability almost exclusively with museums.

Hands on Rumba Workshop

Jesse Hoffnung-Garskoff, AC/HIST226

Three local musicians, faculty and students participated in a Rumba workshop together to incorporate musical playing into our ongoing discussions of music as an abstract cultural form. Prior to the workshop, students read about, listened to, and discussed the style at length, which prepared them to get their feet wet when playing rumba. Playing, rather than listening, reinforced ideas about clave, polyrhythm, and collective musical practice.

Guillermo Gomez-Pena’s "Mapa Corpo: Interactive Rituals for the New Millennium"

Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes, SPANISH440, AC/SAC381

Students and faculty took a trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) to watch the performance of Gomez-Pena. He is an experimental performance artist that can be difficult to understand. Students were directly exposed to his work and in person (in addition to books and videos), thus actively helped in their process of understanding and learning about avant-garde traditions.

Tchaikovsky’s "Eugene Onegin"

Alina Makin, RCLANG323

Eugene Onegin (an opera based on Pushkin's novel in verse) is one of the brightest examples that describes and discusses life in Moscow and Petersburg in XIX century, differences in the life styles and behavior of Moscovites and Petersburgers. The opera provides the students with necessary knowledge and material to augment the in-class readings. The opera became a focus point of the students’ discussions when they explore the ideology and images of the cities in Russian literature and music.

Margaret Garner and Puccini’s Madama Butterfly

Naomi Andre, RCHUMS334/CAAS358/HONORS251/WS150

The Margaret Garner opera fits well in the examination of race – specifically blackness - in opera, while, Puccini’s Madama Butterfly focused on the ‘orientalist’ theme. Along with the readings in class focused on similar-themed operas and attending the opera at Michigan Opera Theater, Detroit, students gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for supporting the arts.

Workshop of Ken Foster’s artwork

Holly Hughes, ARTDES310

The course’s main text, The Dogs Who Found Me, is a memoir of Foster’s work in rescuing animals. As many of the in-class discussions have been shaped by Foster’s writings, students were able to integrate their reading with experiential learning as they personally work with Foster during the workshop. A public show of students’ artwork and a reading of Ken Foster followed the workshop.

Experience Russian Ballet: Great Russian Nutcracker

Svitlana Rogovyk, RUSSION101, 102, 201

Students attended a Russian workshop that exposes them to the history of Russian ballet, music and folklore followed by a mini-research project of Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky's music. Attendance at the performance, in addition to the presentations on the subject prior to the event, increased students' understanding of the art form in general and its particular manifestation in Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker.

Private Lesson with Harjito, Javanese Gamelan musician

Susan Walton, ENS406, 407

Gamelan is a traditional Hindu-Buddhist music that is very commonly played in Indonesia. The lesson by Harjito has been beneficial to both students and faculties, especially as they rehearse for the annual concert in March. Students were able to learn Gamelan by an Indonesian himself and explore the cultures of Indonesia including batik, Javanese dances and puppetry.

Collecting Teaching Materials in India on Puppetry, Gender, and Ritual

Susan Walton, RCHUMS373/ASIAN235/ASIANLAN256, 455, 456

Video recordings of Tol Pava Kuttu, a shadow puppet theater using the Rama story, were taken at Kerala, India by faculties. Students from several classes watched the videos for further understanding of the South and Southeast Asia’s performance arts. In particular, comparison of Indian and Indonesian versions of the Rama story was discussed, reflections on issues of caste in India was observed, and students were educated of the fine arts of Tamil-speaking peoples.

Workshop and performance with Susan Gottlied (Phranc)

Holly Hughes, ARTDES300

Phranc, a performer, musician, and recently a visual artist, talked to students about the connections between the different fields of arts. She also did a performance at the RC Auditorium at the end of her stay. Students, as well as faculties, were exposed to such an accomplished artist and a deeper appreciation towards the arts. Various skills and experiences were shared pertaining to performance arts as well as wood carving.

Class collaborates with Leonora Ivanitsky

Kate Mendeloff, RCHUMS482, 485

Leonora Ivanitsky, a former professor of drama in Krasnodar, Russia, have received multiple awards in Russia and the Ukraine as professor and dramaturge, educational program coordinator, and director. Her involvement provided both the students as well as faculty with the background and skills, looking at European drama from a historical perspective. It also gave the students hands-on experience with the techniques and philosophy of Russian dramaturgy and directing styles.

Dance on Camera Festival Screening


Films from the 2009 Dance on Camera Festival were viewed, analyzed and discussed by students and faculty. Students were exposed to internationally acclaimed screen dance works, and in the related discussions, and fostered critical/analytical and artistic skills. In addition to that, a deeper, critical understanding of screen dance was cultivated in students' thinking.

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Winter 2007

Museum Visit to Kent State University Museum

JESSICA HAHN, TH370, 470, 477

Students visited Kent State's premier collection of dresses and costumes—spanning diverse eras and cultures. Students explored the influence of ethnicity and historical context on period designs, and were encouraged to incorporate a deeper understanding of contemporary culture and its influence into their own work.

Theatre and Mediation: Bosnian Peacework and Drama Practice, a workshop with Sonja Kuftinec

Petra Kuppers, ENGL448/TH399

Sonja Kuftinec, Associate Professor of Theatre, University of Minnesota, and Director of Conflict Resolution for youth from the Middle East and the Balkans, ran a workshop with students. The workshop explored the use and power of drama as a communication tool, focusing on her experience with conflict resolution for Muslim and Christian youth in the Balkans.

Social Justice Theatre Workshop

Mark Tucker, LHSP140/ART151

Norma Bowles, Director of Los Angeles' "Fringe Benefits Theater," led students in a workshop centered on the use of theatrical techniques in exploring issues of social justice. The students then took their expanded perspectives regarding discriminatory behavior and transformed them into designs for animated sculptures to be featured in Ann Arbor's first Street Theatre Art (START). The project was an exciting opportunity for UM students to team with various community partners in the creation of live, public street art.

Worshop with David Lubin

Rebecca Zurier, HA230

Students attended Professor Lubin's lecture at the Detroit Institute of Arts on Boston's Shaw Civil War Memorial. Professor Lubin then visited the class to run a discussion on 19th century American genre paintings. The discussion allowed students the opportunity to see first-hand the, considered by some, controversial, methodology of a professional art historian.

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Fall 2006

Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo NestWong Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest

Sarita See, AC324/ENGL381/AC103

Students will attend a staged performance of a solo full-length play and creative writing/performing workshop, exploring the themes of Asian Americans and mental health, by Los Angeles-based guerilla/performance artist Kristina Wong.

Reading and Poetry Workshop with Jim Ferris

Petra Kuppers, ENGL417

Students participated in a visit by artist Jim Ferris, one of the most respected disability culture poets in the US. The visit included a short reading of his poems and a workshop with the class as preparation for the class's own final projects.

Museum Visits to the Wright Museum of African American History

Martha Jones, HIST311/CAAS311/HIST302

Students visited the Wright Museum of African American History where they were guided by docents through the exhibit, "And Still We Rise," and were asked to contemplate the construction and presentation of public history. Students' museum experience served as a basis for final projects.

Hip Hop and Slam Poetry in Detroit

Scott Kurashige, AC301/HIST393

Students attended a performance led by three prominent artists/activists from Detroit: Blair, Nandi Comer, and Invincible. The performance explored how the music and poetry of these artists offer insight into the problems confronting Detroit today, as well as instill resiliency and foster creativity among its most committed residents.

Museum Visit to the Arab American National Museum

Kristin Hass, AC231

Students visited the Arab American National Museum in an attempt to broaden their understanding of different theories and methods of thinking about visual and material culture. They were asked to consider the challenges faced by the curators in presenting the history of Arab American culture and then to design exhibits of their own as final projects.

Hands-on Rumba Workshop

Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof, AC226/HIST226

Students participated in a hands-on latin percussion workshop led by three local musicians. Students were encouraged to experience rumba live, as opposed to simply reading about it and discussing it, and to think about the way collective music serves to build communities and foster a sense of identity.

Gershwin's Porgy and Bess at the Michigan Opera Theater

Naomi André, WS444/CAAS458/RCHUMS331

Students saw a performance of George Gershwin's 1935 opera, Porgy and Bess, and were asked to examine the ways questions of race were addressed in the opera, and to synthesize the experience of live opera with its historical context in their final papers.

Haunting and Witnessing: A Workshop Day

Petra Kuppers, ENGL317/417

Students were given a chance to see theory in practice and gain hands-on experience through a photography workshop run by local artist, Lisa Steichman, which dealt with the ways for recording and touching pasts.

Silver River

Luo Liang, ASIAN480, 380

Students will attend the performance of Silver River at the Power Center, and participate in pre and post performance discussions on the power of the arts in modern Chinese political and intellectual life, with a special emphasis on this music-theater production's integration of "Western" and Chinese musical-theater traditions.

The Kirov Orchestra of the Marinsky Theater, Shostakovich Centennial Festival Concert

Susan Botti, COMP450

Students attended a live performance of Shostakovich's 11th symphony. The piece, a poignant retelling of a deep national struggle, was a topic of much research and discussion in class.

Now or Never: the future of the Great Lakes by Students

Sadashi Inuzuka, ARTDES300

Students mounted an exhibition of their final projects which used art to address ecological concerns of the Great Lakes region. The exhibition was held at the Matthei Botanical Gardens and The Arboretum, and a brochure including images of the student work, maps to each site, and artistic statements was distributed as an educational complement.

Field-trip to New York to visit Steinway Hall

Robert Grijalva, PAT301

Students traveled to New York to visit Steinway Hall, Steinway Factory, and the Keyboard Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to further their understanding of the process involved in the construction of pianos and thus to better inform their own playing efforts.

Museum Visit to the Toledo Museum of Art

Gina Soter and Steve Ellis, RCCORE195/CLARCH427

Students visited the Stabiae exhibit at the Toledo Museum of Art to experience first hand artifacts that had been studied in class. Students were encouraged to consider what the artifacts revealed about Roman culture and society.

Michigan Theater Film Screening: "Heading South"

Olivier Delers, FRENCH270

Students viewed "Heading South," an adaptation of a novel read in the course. Students explored the changing representations of sexual tourism in Haiti in the 1970s from literature to film.

Museum Visit to the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Hedelberg Project

Jennifer Metsker, LHSP125

Students visited the "Annie Leibovitz" exhibit at the DIA and the Heidleberg Project. Within the context of popular culture, students studied the ways various artists have used art to reclaim individuality from mass media and entertainment. After the trip, students created self-portraits of themselves as a popular icon, using Leibovitz's ideas as a basis, and 2-D collages inspired by the homogenizing world of pop. Both projects were accompanied by creative texts and were displayed in a gallery in the Michigan Union.

Concert by Los Van Van, Toronto

Julie Skurski, HONORS250

Students had the unusual opportunity to attend a live performance by the internationally renowned Cuban dance band, Los Van Van. The group strives to be musically innovative while providing thoughtful commentary on life in Cuba. The performance correlated with students' study of the role of Afro-Cuban music, dance, and religion in the formation of Cuban national identity.

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Winter 2006

Screening and Discussion with Filmmaker John Greyson

Heidi Kumao, ARTDES222

Students watched and discussed films about gay rights, AIDS and censorship with video artist, John Greyson.

Spanish Gypsies and Flamenco Expression

Olga Lopez-Cotin, RCHUMS333

Arte y Pureza, a Spanish flamenco group, had a talk about gyspy culture with students in addition to a performance and workshop.

Toledo Museum of Art Field Trip

Matt Kelley, LHSP140

Student investigated American portraiture and self-portraiture and its relationship to narrative at the Toledo Museum of Art.

Four Black Theater Performances


Students attended four different performance of black theater, exposing them to techniques and themes discussed in class.

The Music of Louis Andriessen

Michael Daugherty, MUSIC450

One of the most respected contemporary composers, Louis Andriessen, gave a master class for students and a UMS concert.

Screening and Discussion with Filmmaker Emily Hubley

Stashu Kybartas, FV300

Director of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," filmmaker Emily Hubley shared her work, knowledge and experience with film students.


Nick Tobier, ARTDES310

This field trip was inspiration for the students own ongoing artistic work with 4th graders at Detroit elementary schools.

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Fall 2005

Tall Horse

Hannah Smotrich, ARTDES130

Students saw UMS puppet theater production, "Tall Horse" reinforcing their study of human identity in creative expression.

Cincinnati, OH Site Visits

Tiya Miles, CAAS495

Students visited National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and Harriet Beecher Stowe House in Cincinnati, OH.

UMS and Ann Arbor Symphony Performances

Naomi Andre, WS344/ENGL317

Students saw dance, opera, symphony, and multi-media performances in addition to readings and guest lectures.

The Representation of Cuture

Bradley Taylor, COMM478

TStudents visited to Arab American National Museum (AANM) and Wright Museum of African-American History.

Campus Visit of Playwright Makesh Elkunchwar

Sunil Agnani, ENG407

Contemporary Marathi playwright Mahesh Elkunchwar, whose work the students had read, gave a lecture.

The America Project

Julie Ellison, AC498

Students collaborated with Sekou Sundiata, a contemporary African-American poet at the Arab American National Museum.

Workshop with Jose Torres Tama

Holly Hughes, ARTDES230

Multimedia artist Jose Torres Tama did a workshop with students focusing on creating identity though artistic process.

Campus Visit of Filmmaker Su Freidrich

Jennifer Hardacker, F/V400, 401

Lesbian-identified independent filmmaker Su Freidrich gave a talk to students and a public presentation of her work.

Heidelberg Project Tour

Kelly Quinn, CAAS358

Students took a guided tour of the Heidelberg Project in downtown Detroit led by creator Tyree Guyton.

Jane Austen Dance Lesson

Adela Pinch, ENGL313

Students learned English country dancing from four dance experts from the Ann Arbor Council for Traditional Music & Dance.

Student Work Exhibit at Warhol Museum

Keith Mitnick, ARCH432

Students exhibited their speculative "re-designs" for the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA at the museum itself.

Cultural Connections in Dance

Shauna Steele, DANCE358

Students attended 4-day International Association of Blacks in Dance Conference in New York City, NY.

Evolution Mural

Mark Tucker, LHSP140

Student created an evolution-themed mural in a stairwell in the Undergraduate Science Building.

The 21st Century Orchestra

Charles Garrett, MUSIC140, 240

Student attended a talk given by Laura Jackson, the only female conductor of a major US symphony and a UM alum.

Identity and Dislocation: A Talk with Achy Obejas

Larry La Fountain-Stokes, AC243/WS243

Achy Obejas, a queer Latina author gave a talk about immigrant communities and lesbian identities.

Empty Pockets 2

Phoebe Gloeckner, ARTDES300

Based on class work, student created a graphic novel called "Empty Pockets 2" for distribution to entire School of Art and Design.

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Winter 2005

Martin Cohen Photo Exhibit and Workshop

Jesse Hoffnung-Garskoff

Students were visited by Martin Cohen, the founder of "Latin Percussion" instruments, and exhibited his photos of the Latin music scene since 1950.

Wright Museum Field Trip

Martha Jones, HIST302

Student in a class called "Mapping Black Detroit" visited the Wright Museum as part of a project to construct a interactive "map" for a kiosk in the museum.

Hands on Wig Workshop with Dawn Rivard

Christianne Myers, THEATRE472

Students studying stage makeup learned from guest wig designer Dawn Rivard the techniques of selecting, fitting and making wigs.

Workshop with Minnie Bruce Pratt

Holly Hughes, ARTDES300/ENGL325

Artist and activist Minnie Bruce Pratt taught students about using interdisciplinary, mixed-media methods to create autobiographical work.

DIA Murano Glass Exhibit

Romana Habekovic, Romance Language 101-232

Students in elementary Italian language classes visited the Venetian Murano Glass exhibit at the DIA to learn more about the culture and art of Venice.

Theater and Arts in Munich

Janet Shier, RCLANG231

Student participants traveled to Munich, Germany over spring break to see 8-10 theater productions ranging from marionettes to cabaret to opera.

Making Medieval Manuscript Workshop

Amy Eichhorn-Mulligan, ENGL370

Student learned from Randy Ashplund, and expert in medieval manuscript production and illustration, how to make their own manuscript.

New York Philharmonic Concert Series

Steven Shipps, String Department 140

Fifteen students receiving private violin instruction in the School of Music were able to see two performances of the NY Philharmonic for less than $50.


Romana Habekovic, Roman Language 101-233

Students in elementary Italian language classes saw the traditional Italian opera "Tosca" performed at the Detroit Opera House.

William Morris at Block Museum Field Trip

Elizabeth Miller, ENGL317, 417

Student studying "print culture and literary radicalism in 19th c. Britain" went to the Block Museum at Northwestern to see an exhibit of William Morris' prints.

Hands-on Latin Percussion Workshop

Jesse Hoffnung-Garskoff, AC206/HIST698

Student studying Latin music learned how to Latin percussion instruments and were introduced to Rumba playing from three guest musicians.

Grand River Mural Project

Mark Tucker, LHSP140

Students studying the effect of art in public spaces designed and painted a mural on the exterior of a neighborhood art studio/gallery in Detroit.

Suheir Hammad Workshop

Nadine Naber, AC210/WS343

Now-famous Palestinian poet Suheir Hammad worked with students to understand he contemporary expressive/ artistic practices of Arab women.

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Fall 2004

Workshop with Erika Block of Walk 'n Squawk

Kate Mendelof, RCHUMS390

Block lead 2-day workshops showing students how to use performance techniques to explore personal gender monologues.

Ravi Shankar Concert and Indian Music Conference

Barbara Metcalk, HIST458

Students participated in conference on classical Indian music and watched performance and interview with Ravi Shankar.

Heidelberg Project and Wright Museum Field Trip

Bradley Taylor, COMM478

Students went to both Detroit venues to learn more about using visual communication to convey social ideas and history.

"The Elepahnt Vanishes"

Tetsuya Sato, RCLANG196

Student studying in their first semester of Japanese language study were exposed to contemporary Japanese culture and expression.

"The Elepahnt Vanishes"

Leslie Pincus, HIST451

Students studying recent Japanese history saw a production of three short stories by contemporary Japanese author Haruki Murakami.

Writing Outloud Workshop

Janet Shier, RCCORE100

Professional storyteller Yvonne Healy lead a workshop where Freshman seminar students learned storytelling and interview techniques.

Palestine/Israel/USA through the Arts at Michigan

Janet Shier, RCCORE350/HONORS493

A series of performances, art exhibits, films, workshops with Palestinian, Israeli and American artists and musicians addressing the issue of Middle East conflict.

Karen Reno Workshop

Holly Hughes, ARTDES300

Classroom workshop and visit by bicultural lesbian performance artist Karen Reno focused on creating performance art out of personal identity.

"Body Adornment of the Cordilleran"

Adelwisa Agas-Weller, Asian Language 111, 211, 499

Workshop, lecture and public photography exhibition surrounding the body adornment practices of ethnic Filipino tribes of the Cordilleran region.

DJ Spooky's "Rebirth of a Nation"

Terri Sarris, SAC301, 306

Students studying video art and digital animation were able to hear talk given by Paul Miller (a.k.a. DJ Spooky) and see his performance at the Power Center.

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Winter 2004

Singers of United Lands

Adelwisa Agas Weller

Residency with Singers of United Lands (SOUL) in Prof. Weller's classroom. Students learned to recognize the evolution of the Filipino language through song lyrics.

"The Jealous Imagination"

George Hoffman, FRENCH367

Attendance of UMS/Guthrie Theater's performance of Shakespeare's "Othello."

Musicology Performance Project

Mark Clague, MUSIC140

Students in each discussion sections plan all aspects of a performance, gaining important experience not just as performers but also as entrepreneurs.

Visit by Filmmaker Andres Veiel

Johannes Von Moltke, SAC320

Showing of films and talk with German filmmaker Andres Veiel.

Film at the DIA

David Smith, HIST218

Visit to the DIA for viewing of a documentary film on the Vietnam War.

Visit by Stuart Brown

Elizabeth Goodenough, RCCORE100

Interactive workshop with Stuart Brown, filmmaker, neurologist, and creator of the Institute for Play.

Detroit Performing Artist Showcase

Scott Kurashige, AC305/HIST468/CAAS358

Honoraria for three Detroit area performing artists.

UMS/Guthrie Theater Performance of "Othello"

Macklin Smith, ENGL267

Attendance of UMS/Guthrie Theater's performance of Shakespeare's "Othello."

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Fall 2003

Advanced Acting Workshop: Chekhov's "The Seagull"

Kate Mendelloff, RCHUMS484

Study with dramaturg Leonora Ivanitsky and performance of Chekhov play "The Seagull."

Visit by Author Luis Francia

Sarita See, ENGL381/AC324

Visited by noted Filipino author Luis Francia.

Visit to Frank Murphy Museum

Adelwisa Agas Weller

Visit to Frank Murphy Museum in Harbor Beach to see and learn about art from the Phillipines.

The History and Future of Detroit Bus Tour

Reynolds Farley, SOC495

Bus tour of Detroit led by Prof. Farley, including notable public art and architecture of the city.

UMS Presentation of Chava Alberstein

Vera Szabo

Attendance of UMS presentation of famed Israeli singer and songwriter Chava Alberstein.

Health and Illness in African Worlds

Nancy Hunt, HIST355

Visit to DIA for special presentation by African curator Dr. Nii Quarcoopoome.

Visiting the Heidelberg Project

Bradley Taylor, COMM478

Visit to Heidelberg Project for special talk with project creator Tyree Guyton.

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Winter 2003

Site-Specific Dance Performance

Jessica Fogel, DANCE471, 671

Site Specific Dance Performance in response to nature at the U of M Matthei Botanical Gardens.

Visit with Eve Ensler

Kate Mendeloff, RCHUMS481, 482, 485

Attendance of talk given by playwright of Eve Ensler, in Ann Arbor for the performance of her play, Necessary Objects.

Health and Illness in African World

Health and Illness in African Worlds

Attendance of UMS sponsored performance of Sekou Sundiata, "Blessing the Boats," which deals with an African-American man's kidney transplant experience.

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Fall 2002

Black Women in the U.S. (Part I)

Marth S. Jones

Filed trip to the Sojourner Truth Institute and Historic Battle Creek, including the Sojourner Truth Monument, the Underground Railroad Monument, and the Friends Meeting House Monument.

Detroit: Its History and Future

Reynolds Farley, SOC495

Bus tour of Detroit led by Prof. Farley, including notable public art and architecture of the city.

Workshop with Filmmaker Jon Jost

Mark Nornes, SAC401

Workshop for Film and Video students with maverick independent American filmmaker Jon Jost.

Introduction to Deaf Culture

Paula Berwanger, LING140, 150, 250

Attended mime and gesture performance by the Toys Theatre of Russia at the Michigan School for the Deaf in Flint, Michigan.

Reco(r)ding Berlin

Karein Goertz, RCCORE 334

Attending various performances and museums during Spring Break trip to Berlin. The experience will be recorded in the students' video projects and made available by public screening

The Art of Dance

Beth Genne, RCHUMS260/DANCE220/RCCORE100

Attendance of UMS-sponsored performance of the Bolshoi Ballet in Detroit.

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