MLK Day Events and the Symposium

It’s funny how the knowledge of one upcoming day can make you more aware of the amazing events around you, that you may have completely missed out on. As we all know, Martin Luther Kind Day is tomorrow, and there are many fun, informational, and interactive events that are planned throughout the campus for students and local residents to be a part of. Going out tomorrow and immersing yourself in the uplifting messages of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King is a great way to become more educated on the topics of the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements in the past, and their influence on the relationships that we are forming today. Even if you are well-versed in the history of the Civil Rights Movement and the messages that Dr. King spread during his life, going to a lecture or exhibit would be a great way to reconnect to the inspirational words on freedom, justice, and equality that are very much an issue in today’s world.

The 28th Annual MLK Symposium has put together a plethora of events this month to commemorate the life of Dr. King and the legacy of many others in the aid to the Civil Rights Movement. While many events have passed, (hopefully you guys made it to a few!) there is still time to join in and tomorrow is the perfect day to start.

The Agenda of the MLK Symposium for January 20th:

MLK Children and Youth Program (8:00am) 

Black History Mobile Museum 101 (10:00am) 

Keynote Memorial Lecture of the Reverand Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Symposium (10:00am)

Keynote Memorial Lecture Simulcast (10:00am)

Your Role in Social Change (11:30am) 

Health Sciences Lecture: Bridges to Community Health (12pm Dow Auditorium) 

Business and Finance MLK Day Convocation (1pm-3pm Rackham Auditorium) 

There are tons of great events going on for MLK Day tomorrow and even until the end of this month. I encourage everyone to go out and be a part of at least one of them because you never know what you might hear or see, that might impact you in a great way.

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