Of Music and Motivation

Raise a hand if you’re a second-semester senior.

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Having been accepted to a grad school for the fall term already, FINALLY understanding the treasures and trappings of Netflix, and umm…well, kinda just being burnt out, I’ve been going through some really tough roller coaster rides this semester of high energy studying and frankly, a whole lot of lethargic laziness. A part of me thinks, “I’m in next year, I’ve got a plan. Why does any of this matter anymore?” but my studious, energetic and generally curious side says, “But the things you’re learning are AWESOME! You’ve come to this far and have done SO well!! Don’t give up yet! You’re almost at the finish line!”

With the angel and devil always weighing down your shoulders and yapping at you, how can you ever do your homework?

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I think I have found the solution.

I recently came across the theme song to the video game, Dragon Age: Inquisition. Never playing the game before, I heard the main theme serendipitously on Spotify and felt a rush of sheer invincibility. Imagine the energy of the huns flooding over the mountain in Mulan, the pride of explorers crying Land Ho for the first time, a marathon winner breaking the ribbon at the finish line, and the power of a space shuttle blasting successfully into space, and that’s how I felt as I listened to Trevor Morris’ anthem.

Instantly, after the song, I felt like I could do anything, lift anything, achieve anything, ace anything. I decided to go on a quest to seek out more songs that would give me this sort of feeling. Maybe if I tricked my brain into thinking I could focus and DO ANYTHING (including my homework), I might actually be able to DO IT! The name of my playlist would obviously and aptly be titled: You Can Do Anything! That’s right: I believe in the power of words 🙂

And maybe, we should start believing in the power of music. As Christopher Bergland says in Psychology Today, “music and mood are inherently bound.” He says that “you can dial up a mood, mindset or perception on demand by choosing music that elicits a specific emotional response in you,” whether it’s for athletic benefits , studying purposes, for road trip boredom busting, or to create a certain vibe to match your day.

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When choosing your own Motivational Music playlist, keep it authentic and from your soul. So what if you have a song that you might be embarrassed if someone knew you were listening to it? A) You never should have to defend or feel bad about why something resonates with you. And B) That’s why Spotify: Private Session was invented.

Though everyone’s playlist will be different due to personal tastes and styles and motivational needs, I’ll share mine as an example. Because my playlist is for studying purposes, I went with an instrumental theme.

Cammie’s YOU CAN DO ANYTHING playlist!

I’m making no promises that these songs will motivate you as they have done to me. All I know is that I have accomplished a lot already thanks to this playlist and the wonderful musicians who have made music to make my heart soar, my typing fingers fly, and my body feel as if I had the strength of 10 Grinches plus 2. Happy playlist-making and cheers to productivity!

* Next time you’re listening to music, put it on shuffle! Did you know that the randomness of not knowing what song is going to play next actually increases the brain’s levels of Dopamine, your feel-good chemical? It’s time to get happy!

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