“Luh Croy”: The Unauthorized Rebrand

La Croix: we all know it as the sparkling water packaged in bright, multicolored cans. Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny La Croix’s revamped global presence and rising popularity. It seems like everybody is obsessed with the beverage.

Oust, an Atlanta creative agency took it upon themselves to refresh the brand’s image (unofficially). Sick of carrying around a nerdy, outdated-looking can, the designers set to create a new image. Throwing away the cans that “look like the set of a tv movie set shot in the 1980s,” the team delivered a modernized update, complete with humorous descriptions of different flavors. Perhaps your favorite is Pamplemousse, “the stuff dreams are made of,” or Pure, a can of “sparkling beauty.”

There’s even a petition you can sign to officially rebrand the La Croix branding: https://luhcroy.com/

What do you think of this potential new look?


Student at the University of Michigan studying Art & Design and Communications, hoping to create meaningful design for social impact.

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