The Business Cycle of Emotions

I’m sure we can all relate to this. We plunge into the deepest ravines of our emotions, dragging ourselves through days of homework, commitments and stress. Tangled in vines, our anxiety rises more as the days with endless lists of to-dos confront us, reminding us that they exist. Deadlines give you a brash high five, nearly toppling you over with its weight and its shadows overwhelm you, a little too much for you to handle. Not today, please, you beg. We’re unsure of ourselves, of our capabilities and our potential. “Can we really be more?”, we wonder to ourselves quietly as we lie in bed, staring at the space between the bedsheets and the ceiling.

Maybe, just maybe.

Out of nowhere, life suddenly accelerates into overdrive. All seems good, all seems too good. We write furiously, commit a little too much, are sure of ourselves a little too confidently. It seems like caffeine continues to supply us with energy, nearly steering us off course. We’re tempted by the edge, curious and hungry for the adrenaline thrill we could possibly feel if only we took the leap.

Yet we are so unsure of that steep drop ahead.

The business cycle has never been more meaningful now. It goes up and down, like it always does, like it always will. We crave the adrenaline high, so much but we forget about the grayer days when the snow mounds start to drag our feet. We forget we need motivation when we are least likely to internalize it. Therefore, in foresight of stormy clouds, we must take great care to to weather the coming thunder we heard long ago. To write more in case you don’t feel like writing later. Cook away porridge for days we don’t feel like cooking and do laundry ahead of time. More importantly, we need to ensure we have enough reassurance to get through the tougher days.

But please validate those moments when they come. Stop the “why can’t I get over this” when troubles come. Let yourself feel a little scared. Take smaller steps, nonetheless a step ahead. Buy some Panera soups why won’t you.

From these gaps you will grow. (i.e. trust the process)

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